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Funnelytics Customer Journey Platform

Map, forecast & analyze your marketing funnels

Our analytics-powered whiteboard uses real data to visualize the performance of your marketing funnels.

Funnelytics customer journey mapping tool

Performance-driven marketing teams use Funnelytics.

What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics connects whiteboarding technology to your data so you can plan your marketing funnels, visually measure how well they perform, and identify what to optimize next.

A complex mash-up of whiteboards, stickie notes, dashboards, spreadsheets, charts, graphs and attribution tools just to answer “what’s working vs what’s not?”

A single, visual platform that brings in all of your customer journey data and allows you to get insights quickly, by dragging-and-dropping icons on a digital whiteboard.

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Funnelytics simplifies how you plan, measure and optimize your marketing funnels.

Funnelytics™ Map

with Predictive Funnel Forecasting

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Funnelytics™ Performance

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