Push past your revenue ceiling

Bring in the team that can 2x-4x your results.

No group mastermind, we actually come in and work on your success​
The Funnelytics™ Accelerator is our program for successful 7, 8, and 9-figure Marketing Leaders and Entrepreneurs looking to bring in our expertise for Full Funnel Optimization.

Why Funnelytics™ Elite Accelerator

Our team directly working with your team

Let's skip past the vanity metrics

Vanity metrics are the things you can measure that don't matter. They're easily changed or manipulated, and they don't bear a direct correlation with attracting real clients for your business.
You should only care about real customers pull out their credit cards and pay you for your offer. As do we. You should only want to work with a partner that you can hold accountable to results. So do we.

Personalized Consulting

Work with the executives and senior team that got us where we are - to get you there as well.

Framework Supported

Leverage the proven frameworks we leverage to methodically push for your next growth stage

Data Driven

Our own tracking experts and analyst come in and uncover the insights you need - every month

The accelerator Objective

We're not here to add 2% increments - we will push for actual growth for you

The problem is building out a high-performing funnel that actually gets results can be challenging. You have to think about strategy, copy, design, ads, automations, tech, videos, analytics and optimization.
You need to understand everything from Audiences to Messaging, crafting convincing Videos and converting a stranger into a customer through multiple touchpoints. Most teams are not equipped with all of those skills - let alone understanding actual Full Funnel Optimization.
It's safe to say that Full Funnel Optimization is an expertise that is only truly successful with the help of the right experts. But they're hard to find.
But most businesses are left working with individual "experts" who each do one little piece of the puzzle, and then wash their hands of the results.
It doesn't have to be that way.

Our proven PLMO Framework™ is
guaranteed to generate the results you're looking for

And we're coming in to operate it for you

1. PLan

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2. Launch

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3. Measure

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4. Optimize

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Here's what having us operate the PLMO Framework™ for you will lead to.

Our commitment to
your growth in 2023 means this.

Personally helping you 2x your results in 2023

That's a big statement. But without aspiration we're not going to accomplish anything. Our goal is to push past aspirations with you and to simply make it happen. And then some. Full Funnel Optimization is what can accomplish those goals. We uncover the bottlenecks, fix the leaks in the funnel and hyperoptimize for a lean customer acquisition machine.

Covering all aspects from Reporting to Analysis, CRO Reviews and messaging alignment - all for the betterment of your full funnel results

Yes, we'll talk about optimizing your pages or tweaking your ads. They're key to getting greater efficiency. But we'll make sure to keep coming back to your Full Funnel Strategy. Aligning messaging, optimizing lead acquisition, and accelerating customer acquisition through the right sequences and offers. With what we call "Mini Business Cases" to back up decisions. We're taking it all on with you.

Flywheel OPERATING SYSTEM for aspirational growth

Hit and run tactics don't grow a business. You know this. As we work together, we'll help you install the same "Flywheel Operating System" we leverage, so your results can consistently grow (and so don't have to constantly push your team to deliver - the system will do that for you).
This program, alone, is a $10,000 value, and you and your team are encouraged to complete it in the first 90 days to both free up capacity and amplify the Accelerator experience.

Monthly "Full funnel ACTION PLANS" to get to work

As you should expect, we'll be proactive in working with you on accelerating your growth engine.
Every month will start with knowing exactly what to do, and who will do it. With the data we need to evaluate results and back up the decisions.
Every month will end with knowing what's working versus what's not. We analyze, strategyze and optimize. ​
We go through the cycle month over month, quarter after quarter, and achieve your revenue goals for 2023.

WEEKLY “Full Funnel Reporting” For You And Your Team

We'll want to stay on top of things. And we can do that by reporting on the things that matter. We'll leverage our Key Reporting Canvasses to make that happen:
All so we can gain and share the valuable insights we need to help you execute and scale your results.

24/7 Communication

Communication is key, and we have that covered with our Essential Meeting Structure. But to top that off, we're offering a lifeline as part of the deal.
This is like connecting with your lawyer, but without the hourly bill. You'll run into challenges on the fly that you could use an extra pair of eyes and brains for to help resolve them.
We're here to share ideas, celebrate wins, and get you answers to those critical “can’t wait” questions.

Monthly "Hotseats" to dive into your use cases

We'll be proactive in working with you on specific parts of your growth engine. But what about other people's challenges, learnings and results?
By hosting open hotseats, we can bring challenges from your peers to the forefront and we can share our learnings across the small group of Elites we're working with directly.
You’ll gain valuable insight to help you execute and scale your business.


We only work directly with the right kinds of businesses

Can we call you a Funnel Elite?

We're not kidding when we say this is a highly exclusive Accelerator. We're set out to work with a handful of of highly driven, like-minded teams that we can work with - not for. To that end, here are our core application requirements:

Executive decision maker

You need buy-in and budget control to work fast and effectively

can-do leadership

No delegate first, ownership second mindset allowed

Proof of Market Value

$1M+ in Annual Revenue from at least 10 clients

Serious Asiprations

No reckless cowboys, but a hungry and opportunistic attitude to grow


We'll be working with you, not for you to make this happen


Able and willing to meet weekly and do the work

*Note: Meeting the specific quantitative requirements does not automatically guarantee admittance into the Funnel Accelerator. There are other more important, qualitative requirements that will be addressed during the interview and onboarding process.

HOW TO start Qualifications

Your Time Is Valuable. So Is Ours.

The process for joining Funnel Elites is both effective and efficient, because we value time above all else. Here’s how it works…



Everything starts with a simple inquiry form that allows us to assess fit before any calendar time is booked.



You’ll meet with one of our Program Advisors for a two-way interview, where we’ll discuss program details, answer questions, and determine if there’s an initial fit.


360° Blueprint

You’ll connect with Mikael (CEO) and Kevin (COO) for what we call the 360° Blueprint Interview and to begin the optimization process.


Quick wins pre-kickoff

You’ll meet the rest of your team, attend your first Momentum Meeting, and get some “quick win” strategies. (Our goal is for you to ROI your investment in 90 days or less.)

Apply now

Become a Funnel Elite
and accelerate your growth

Achieve the growth you set out to hit in 2023. Turn your aspirations into pragmatic stepping stones. Let us show you how to methodically Plan, Launch, Measure and Optimize for 2x results in 12 months.


What Our Members Are Saying


Learn More About What It Means To Be Part Of This Exclusive Accelerator

To be a good fit for the Funnelytics Accelerator, you are probably:

  • In a business with a proven and sellable product/service
  • A Marketing Leader who has tasted success, but has struggled to duplicate or scale an early win
  • A bootstrapped business that lacks outside capital, so you need to grow profitably

Yes, if for any reason at all you don’t feel the program is the right fit for you, we offer a 30-day “no questions asked” refund policy.

You should plan to commit 2-3 hours per week to the Funnelytics Accelerator. The program is designed to help you leverage your available time to get the most out of each quarter, without standing in the way of your day to day responsibilities.

No, but we suggest that you are generating at least 6-figures in top-line revenue to get the most out of the program.

We actively accept members from all over the world, however, our team’s general availability for meetings is in North American time zones. We do our best to be available for reasonable time windows across the globe and all  sessions are recorded should you want to share anything with other stakeholders. 

Yes, everything will be run virtually. We will be using Zoom primarily for the live calls as well as Slack for direct messaging.

You’ll retain access to the materials specific to your business as well as have continued access to the general Funnelytics Accelerator resources as long as you have an active Funnelytics Plus or Max license.

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Become a Funnel Elite
and let us accelerate your growth

Achieve the growth you set out to hit in 2023. Turn your aspirations into pragmatic stepping stones. Let us show you how to methodically Plan, Launch, Measure and Optimize for 2x results in 12 months.

Get to know us

Meet Our team Your team

Mikael Dia

With 500+ funnels under his belt and over $5M+ of his own money spent on ads, it’s safe to say Mikael knows a thing or two about how to launch and scale marketing strategies and funnels. And even more so how not to drop the ball as you go through the different stages of growing a business around your client acquisition.

It led to him founding Funnelytics Inc. and developing one of the most used platforms for marketing strategy across the globe. A typical entrepreneurial itch he just had to scratch, but scratched like no one else had done before – connecting the versatility of a freeform whiteboard with an analytics database for Full Funnel Insights. Which is quite typical to his value as a leader and growth strategist. 

His competitive personality will keep you on the edge of your seat, and his charm and drive will keep you chasing your goals no matter the challenges. It’s how #Cabo2023 came to life, where he’s taking the entire company to Cabo when hitting the company goals.

He has developed highly impactful frameworks such as “PLMO: Plan, Launch, Measure, Optimize”, “ACDR: Attract, Close, Deliver, Retain” and “FaaS: Funnels as a Service” and has been a coach for Marketing Leaders across the globe for the last 5+ years. 

After having consulted 8- and 9-figure funnel strategies for companies like [name and name], Mikael managed to take Funnelytics through a $1M bootstrapped launch in its first 6 months and is the driving force behind Funnelytics Performance making waves across the marketing industry. 

If you’re looking to strike up a chat with him, make sure to appeal to his hardcore Raptors fandom and being a father of two.


As a former agency owner turned COO and Funnel Operator, Kevin is as versatile as you can find a Full Funnel Specialist. 


Having served 300+ high-value clients throughout the 12 years he ran his agency, he has been a spunge soaking up experience across all must-have skillsets: with Design, Copy, Coding, Analyst, Strategy and Product Owner added to his CV, he’s now added Executive Leadership and Agency Coach to his resume as COO for Funnelytics.

Him being Dutch has always been the excuse he’s made for being highly direct in his feedback and communication. There’s no sugarcoating involved, and Kevin being extremely practical he’ll shake out a plan of attack like he’s making breakfast for one of his 4 kids.

You’ll hardly catch him without a smile on his face when you’re conversing, unless he’s got his “thinking hat” on – which is how he invented “focussed eyebrow face” without knowing it. And be careful, he might just sell you something without either of you knowing it – those things just happen based on his personality. 

As the Operator for Funnelytics Inc. you’ll find Kevin one of the most pragmatic and insightful people you’ve ever had working with you on Full Funnel Optimization. During his time with Funnelytics he created and more than validated his “P3C3 Framework” for Page Optimization. 

He’s your specialist on “Growth OKR’s” and “Highly Accountable Teams”. And he’s an expert at “making incredible things happen with what’s there”, so don’t expect him to pitch big budgets to you. He’ll come in and push for every last bit of value that is already there, but just waiting to come to light.  

If you want to break through his “live to work” personality and have a chat on anything personal, ask him about his meditation routine, his love for jazz music and bass playing and running a big family with his also very ambitious wife.


Kevin Beeftink

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Become A Funnel Elite

Achieve the growth you set out to hit in 2023. Turn your aspirations into pragmatic stepping stones. Let us show you how to methodically Plan, Launch, Measure and Optimize for 2x results in 12 months.

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