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About The Software...
Here's How Funnelytics Can Help:
Map Your Funnels Faster 
And Easier

Funnel Mapping

Mapping your funnel has never been easier... Instantly bring your funnel ideas to life with the click of a button.

Funnel Customization

Map everything from your landing pages, sales pages, upsells, emails, ads and more - all to your liking.
Track Your Funnels

Track User Flows

Define your goals and set tracking links so that Funnelytics can identify which ads and sources give you the best ROI.

Get Granular with Custom Actions

Incorperate custom actions into the mix so you can see exactly what your users are doing on each of your funnel steps.
Optimize Your Funnels

Make More Money

Use our custom ROI reports to make decisions in your business that will put more cash in your pocket.

Consolidate Your Tools

Save money on expenses by getting rid of all of the tools that Funnelytics replaces!

(Check out below for more details)
You send 'em...
We sell 'em...
You Cash In...
Funnelytics™ Commission Breakdown:
Funnelytics™ Commission Breakdown:
Funnelytics™ Pro Yearly
Yearly OFFER to Earn up to
One-time Commissions
  • Exclusive Access to Funnelytics Pro
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unrestricted Traffic
  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Bonus: Access to the Vault
Funnelytics™ Pro Monthly (coming soon)
net 30% monthly commissions up to:
For The Entire Lifetime of Each 
Paying User You Sign up...
  • Commissions Starting at $28 Per Active User
  • Uncapped Earnings!
  • Lifetime Commissions
  • Lifetime Cookies
    (Earn More Without Doing Anything!)
  • Opportunity for Bonuses: 10% & 15%
  • More Info on Pricing Tiers Coming Soon
Quick Facts About The Program:
 Unlimited Earnings

YOU earn 30% per sale on each user you sign up to Funnelytics™.

Our products range from $97 to $847 so you have the chance to make some pretty huge recurring commissions by promoting our offers.

Since Funnelytics ™ is a monthly continuity based funnel mapping & tracking solution, you get paid every month they remain a customer.

 Reliable Lifetime Commissions

We genuinely care about everyone you refer to us and that's why we have 'lifetime cookies'.

So not only will you earn a generous commission on the product you promote, but when that person you referred orders one of our other products, we’ll pay you for that too!

Since we have our own upsells, downsells, and promotions, when your customer buys something new from one of our many awesome sales funnels, you get the commissions. FREE Money is the BEST!

 Sales Cycle
Our average sales cycle is seven days with the nearest possible sale starting in as little as one day.

Other affiliates might not convert your prospects for weeks, but we’re always refining and testing our process so you can start making sales as quickly as possible.
 Customer Support
You won’t have to worry about fulfillment or customer service issues.

Our Experience team is the best in the industry and will take care of everything so you can focus on the most important thing for your business… making a TON of money as possible without hardly any work at all.
 Low Refund Rates
There’s nothing worse than making a ton of sales, and then watching your commissions slip away with refunds.

Our refund rates are low because we create top of the line products and follow-up with tons of priceless tools to increase engagement and satisfaction with our products.
 Amazing Reporting
Clear, concise, easy to read reports. Track your clicks, stats, sales, commissions, ledgers & more!

Inside our Partner Portal, you’ll be able to quickly access all the important metrics that show you just how well our offers are performing for you.
 Awesome Sales Tools
We are proud to have an award winning cinematographer and some of the world’s best copywriters on our team.

Be it swipe, banners, video or even if you have a custom request, we constantly create and test new copy and sales methods to ensure maximum conversion. All the easy-to-use resources you need to promote our programs are available at your fingertips!
We know video marketing! Funnelytics is a company founded by a team of top experts in marketing online. As an example, our main sales page for Funnelytics converts at 13.67%.

Our promotional partners are seeing EPLs of a whopping $18.23 for Funnelytics™ Pro.

Access all the copy, banners, and swipes you need to be successful inside our Affiliate Partner Portal.

You send 'em...We sell 'em...You cash In...
You send 'em...
We sell 'em...
You Cash In...
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And Here's What People Are Saying About Funnelytics™
Funnelytics™ Affiliate Partners F.A.Q.:
Q#1: How Do I Join Your Program?
All you have to do is click that button below to get started...

Come on... you know you want to... just click it.
Q#2: Does It Cost Anything to Join?
Not a single cent!

In fact, we'll soon be paying you for all of the awesome leads you'll be bringing us to convert into paying customers.

Soon you'll get that BOSS car you've always wanted.
Do I smell Tesla?...

Q#3: Do You Provide a Marketing Kit?
Absolutely, we would never leave you hanging like that!

Once you've signed up to the program, you'll be sent an email details on how to get to the Funnelytics Affiliate Partners Center.

That's where the goodies are: Banners, Emails, and Social Swipes
Q#4: When & How Will I Get Paid?
First commissions are paid after the 30-day trial &  refund period are over, as long as there is a minimum of $30 earned, then every 30-days after that for LIFE.

Ex.: Trial (30-day max) ---> User pays ---> 30-days later (affiliate commissions paid out to make sure there are no refunds)

See? simple really... Have any questions? Please refer to Q #6. 
Q#5: Is There a Minimum Before Being Paid Out?
Just 1 recurring paying user is all it takes to get PAID 
(minimum of $30 earned)
Q#6: How Do I Contact You?
Have questions? Please go to and open a support conversation to chat with me, Darrell. 

Pretty awesome, right?... No, worries! I'll take care of you.
You send 'em...
We sell 'em...
You Cash In...