Funnelytics Affiliates: Promotion Best Practices

We’re excited for you to get started with the Funnelytics™ affiliate program!
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As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to make some pretty hefty commissions.

The Funnelytics mapping & analytic tools have shown to be a pretty simple sell for our affiliates. They’ve been able to take the tool to their audience, see really positive feedback, and more importantly – sales.

Since Oct. 2018, we’ve paid out over $200k to our affiliates and now you get to be one of them.

We love that you want to promote Funnelytics and we want you to be SUPER successful in promoting the tool.

But first, there are some rules we’ve got to go over.

These rules are here to make sure that you’re covered, and we’re covered, from any issues that may come up from new users finding out about Funnelytics™ through your promotional efforts.

Let’s get to it.

To set you up for success I’ve put together this article to help you understand our recommended promotional best practices and quickly give you the rundown of our affiliate code of conduct.

Affiliate Funnels & Direct Linking

Kind of like this…

Many social platforms don’t allow direct linking. Even if they do, as an affiliate it’s your job to bridge the gap and introduce your prospects to YOU and your business first, before buying Funnelytics™.

Incorrect: Drive traffic straight to your affiliate link

Correct: Drive traffic to your own affiliate funnel

Trademarked Terms & Advertising

If an average internet visitor can’t tell between your funnel and a Funnelytics official one, then it needs to be changed. That means it must be stated that you are an affiliate, and not use third-party trademarks (ours and others). Bidding on our trademarked terms will be immediate grounds for removal from the affiliate program.

Your Google Ads Should NOT look or show up on the front page like this.

Pretending to be Funnelytics™ official by bidding on trademarked terms or designing funnels that exactly replicate ours.

Instead, create a bridge funnel that’s yours, and once they understand who you are and what you do, send them to Funnelytics™.

Current trademarks that cannot be used in paid advertising bids on Google and similar platforms:

”¢ Funnelytics™
”¢ The Funnelytics™ Vault
”¢ Funnelytics Pro™
”¢ Funnel Momentum™

Honest & Clear Advertising

If you are using the word FREE you must clearly state what the prerequisites are for the free gift or bonus.

Incorrect: I’ll give you this cool thing ABSOLUTELY free!!!

Correct: I’ll give you this cool thing ABSOLUTELY free when you sign up for X at $97/month

Testimonials, Income Claims, and Disclaimers


Any testimonials must have a disclaimer warning that the success they’re hearing about doesn’t guarantee their own success. You also must have express permission from the person giving the testimonial, and it is against our TOS to solicit our customers for testimonials.

Income Claims

Any income claims must be substantiated (in other words, it must true and backed by evidence) as well as a disclaimer that states just because you did it, doesn’t mean they will.

Incorrect: How you can earn $10,000/ mth passively without having a product of your own.

Correct: How I earn $4,000 a month in passive income through the Funnelytics™ affiliate program, all without my own product.*

*Your results will vary based on your effort, education, and market factors beyond our control


Don’t forget to disclose that you are an affiliate somewhere in your promotions so there is no mixed messaging as to who built the page they are on, and what’s truly being sold and given away.

Use this Example Disclosure: I am an independent Funnelytics Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Funnelytics. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Funnelytics or its parent company, Funnelytics, Inc.

In The Words of Steve Jobs… One More Thing…

Our most successful affiliates understand that affiliate marketing isn’t simply about sending some ad money to an affiliate link and hoping for the best.

On the contrary, our top affiliates have done what we are recommending you to do: they have built their own businesses and grown their own audiences, using Funnelytics to do so.

That’s why they feel comfortable marketing Funnelytics™ to their own communities. They have dedicated their time and energy to publishing valuable content, helping their customers, and creating amazing offers and bonuses that work well with our products.

It’s very important to remember that it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence as you promote our affiliate program.

You should always comply with all FTC regulations and laws. In addition, we ask that you read and comply with our Terms of Service:

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