[Official] Funnelytics™ Affiliate Program Guide

In this article, you will learn about the Funnelytics™ affiliate program and how you can become an affiliate today!

You’ll need this quick guide because…

…our affiliate program allows you to earn a hefty commission when people use your links or funnel maps to sign up as a paying member or even just to buy a particular Funnelytics™ product.

So If you want to (or plan on) promoting Funnelytics™, you’ll need to need to do a few things to make that happen.

What you’ll need:

  • Funnelytics Account
    Shouldn’t really promote something you’re not actively using… Otherwise, you won’t be able to relevant information to the end-user. We’re looking for the RIGHT people to promote – not just anyone.
  • Join the Funnelytics Affiliate Program
    Super easy to sign up and get started. Your affiliate link is in the ‘Assets’ tab after you’ve created your account – and so are your assets!
  • Check out our Affiliate Help Articles
    If you want to become a master affiliate and not a confused one, then be sure to check out the article I’ve written all about how to use our affiliate platform, Tapfiliate.
  • Join the Funnelytics Affiliate Facebook Group
    Inside here you’ll get curated affiliate content to help you become a better affiliate. Also, you’ll be able to connect with other Funnelytics affiliates who are crushing it!

Read This 👇

Affiliate Payout / Compensation

Please review 4. COMPENSATION on the affiliate agreement HERE

Affiliate Payout Requirements

All affiliates must include their PayPal email in their affiliate account in order to receive payment.

If you don’t then after 90 days you’ll forfeit any commissions that you’ve generated.

That’s because we’re not looking to hunt you down to give you money…

Affiliate Best Practices

Every affiliate needs to adhere to the HIGHEST POSSIBLE STANDARDS of Ethical & Legal Conduct during their promotions.

To make it stupid simple to stick to that standard, I’ve created an engaging Best Practices article to help guide you.

Read it closely, follow what it says, and you’ll do great.

How Do We Track Everything?


According to FTC Guidelines, you’ve got to include your Affiliate Disclaimers and Disclosures on your site.

The bottom line is, if you make a sale via an affiliate link, it’s because you’re getting paid to do so – be honest about that. Include these disclaimers during email or advertising promotions. 

Disclosure: I am an independent Funnelytics Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Funnelytics. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Funnelytics or its parent company, Funnelytics, Inc.

There will be NO commission payments paid on PERSONAL USE Sales of the Product – meaning, if the only purpose in joining this affiliate program was to get a commission on a sale for Personal USE of Funnelytics, that’s not cool.

We do track and reconcile every sale – and in cases where an affiliate has a single sale to themselves, a commission will NOT be paid on that sale.

That’s simply NOT FAIR to the affiliates who have promoted in good faith only to have one of their prospects join the affiliate program to get their own commission and cut the original affiliate out.

…And, just read this carefully:

Funnelytics’ INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. No logo, tagline, trademark, trade name, copyrighted material, patent, trade dress, trade secret, or confidential information (collectively, the “Funnelytics Intellectual Property”) owned by Funnelytics may be used, copied, or reproduced by You except as set forth below. No Funnelytics Intellectual Property (or any mark confusingly similar to any Funnelytics Intellectual Property) is to be advertised for sale or registered as a domain name by You in any fashion. You may use the Funnelytics™ mark to advertise Funnelytics. Any time You use the Funnelytics™ mark, You must do so in a way that is not likely to confuse readers or cause them to think that You are speaking for Funnelytics. Whether Your use of Funnelytics™ is confusing will be determined by Funnelytics in Funnelytics’ sole and absolute discretion. The following guidelines, which may be changed or added to at any time, are designed to help avoid reader confusion:

– You must not use the “voice” of, or purport to speak on behalf of, Funnelytics™.

– Any time you use the word “Funnelytics” it must be immediately followed by the letters “™”

– When used in prose, Funnelytics™ must be used in the same font as the rest of the prose.

– When used other than in prose, Funnelytics™  must be used in the font employed by Funnelytics™ corporate marketing in Funnelytics’ corporate logo.

– On any website or social media platform on which You use the word Funnelytics™, you must include the disclosure identified in paragraph 5(D) above.

– You may use only such other images, photographs, and trademarks as Funnelytics expressly authorizes in writing.

If you have any questions regarding your use of any Funnelytics mark or the affiliate program, please contact support@funnelytics.io

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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