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Our mission at Funnelytics™ is to enable all companies around the globe to make smarter growth decisions. We do this by aligning strategy, team and performance across different touch points of the customer journey in one visual drag-n-drop canvas.

We strive to give you insights and show you EXACTLY what’s generating you revenue versus losing you revenue… all without the need of stitching spreadsheets or charts no one understands.

The initial launch of Funnelytics platform back in 2018 was based around the idea for a new way of looking at your data… Almost like a digital whiteboard with all of your data on it. And after 3 years over 200,000 companies signing up for the first version of Funnelytics

However, for us to help millions of businesses around the world, we want to up the game and take our platform to a whole new level. Better data, better canvas experience, better integrations, better insights, better everything.

Funnelytics 2.0 is coming soon. We are currently working exclusively with select businesses to implement Funnelytics 2.0 until it’s ready for all.

Funnelytics is saving me time and headaches by giving me ONE visual tool to see what’s happening with my traffic and funnels.
Anthony Collova
Founder, IIFYM.com
Tracking my campaigns and forecasting client projects with Funnelytics has made management and team alignment SO much easier! Plus, they have a great team...
Crystal Volinchak
Founder, CNV Creative

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