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Customer Journey Analytics 101: Benefits & Use Cases

The journey from brand awareness to purchase is not as linear as what’s depicted on your marketing team’s whiteboard presentation. Many factors, such as customers’ experience with your business and

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Map Plus Announcement

Exciting Developments and Upcoming Changes at Funnelytics Dear Funnelytics Community, I am excited to share some important news about the future of the Funnelytics platform. Our mission has always been

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Customer Journey Measurement

Journey Tools

Funnelytics Vs. Google Analytics

In this guide we’re going to compare similar features that both Funnelytics and Google Analytics have. Before we dive into

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Customer Journey Planning

Company Announcements

Funnelytics 1.0 to 2.0

Funnelytics Journey – From 1.0 to 2.0 Dear Funnelytics Community, I’m extremely excited to announce the arrival of Funnelytics 2.0!

Journey Planning

The 80/20 of Online Course Funnels

Do you sell online courses? Would you like to make more money from your current leads and website traffic? Then

Journey Planning

The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Hacking

The quickest way to success in this world is by modeling what works. And for business owners who don’t know

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