The Funnel For Closing High Ticket Clients

Do you want to be able to close high ticket clients for your business?

To the point where your calendar is FULLY booked with high quality prospects…

Well, there is a simple funnel out there called the application funnel that can help you do just that…

What is an application funnel?

The goal with the application funnel is to close high-ticket clients. This is done in a three step process where you pre-frame the program using the case study video, qualify prospects with an application form and get leads via the booking application.

How to acquire million dollar leads

Here is an example of a successful application funnel used by one of the best digital marketers out there:

Checkout Russell’s landing page here:

The 2 Comma Club is Russell’s coaching program where he uses the application form to qualify prospects since he only wants to work with $1,000,000+ businesses. He does this so he can spend more time with the people that he can really help while at the same time pre-framing them for the phone call where he will close the sale.

If you can master this application funnel you will be able to fill up your calendar with high quality leads to the point where you’re either going to have to say no to people or hire a sales team… which are good problems to have 😉

If you want to map out your own funnels (just like this lead magnet one), make sure to check out our free mapping tool at

Funnelytics is perfect if you build funnels for yourself or your clients since it allows you to create funnels INSTANTLY…

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