How to Close More Digital Marketing Service Clients

Do you struggle to close clients when trying to sell them Digital Marketing Services? Or perhaps you are a fantastic closer, but you just can’t get your customers to stick on any sort of retainer…

These are painful issues that will CRUSH your agency or have you running back to a 9 to 5 before you can say BOO!

So why are these problems so rampant in the industry?

It usually boils down to one of these simple problems.

  • You don’t have a systemized, repeatable solution to solve a specific problem, for a specific person.
  • Your prospects don’t understand how you solve their problem – or in some cases what their problem is.
  • You either aren’t providing real results, or can’t PROVE them to your clients. Making it difficult for them to continue to pay you.

Funnelytics was built to help marketing service providers overcome some of these problems, and make it easier for them to have more consistency in their business.

In this article, we are going to show you how Funnelytics can help you:

  1. Generate better leads by speaking to a specific audience and leading with value.
  2. Close clients with ease by giving them clarity about how you are going to solve their problems.
  3. Retain them for much longer by showing them the results you deliver in a way that makes it hard for them to stop paying you.

1) Using Funnelytics to Generate Leads

The key to generating quality leads for your Digital Marketing services business is to wow your prospects BEFORE they hand over their credit card and do business with you…

You do this by offering enormous upfront value, making sure you put them and their needs first.

I’ll give you an example:

Let’s say you have a digital marketing agency where you build sales funnels for authors.

The first thing you’d do is map out a sales funnel that will be PERFECT for delivering them results (we have some great ideas inside the Funnelytics Vault).

Check out our FREE funnel templates

Next, you need to do some research and find out where you’re target audience is hanging out online.

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • FB groups
There are a lot of places where people hang out!

The goal here is to get conversations going with your audience. A great way to do this is to share a funnel you’ve mapped in Funnelytics before you’ve even spoken to them. This is called leading with value and it positions you as the expert. You can use the funnel map as a way to simply explain how this solution will help them grow their business.

Once you’ve got the conversation going, and the author’s seen the value in what you’re offering, you can then make the actual offer to help them implement your strategy in their business.


If you have never built this funnel, or proven that it works, you may want to think about offering to implement it for FREE in exchange for a case study or testimonial (they pay any funnel set up or ad costs) . Once you have proven you can get results with this funnel, it will make it so much easier to close future clients.

If you can get them to pay you though, do that ;).

Offering the initial value upfront before any commitment on the prospects part really showcases your expertise, makes you look LESS DESPERATE, and makes them more likely to buy from you.

2) Closing Sales with Ease

Now that you’re starting to bring in more leads, the next step is to make sure you’re closing the sale.

The reality is that you can have all the leads in the world, but if you cannot close a sale, nothing else matters.

One of the major keys to effectively closing the sale is having an AMAZING sales presentation.

This can make or break the business so it is CRUCIAL that you create an engaging, attractive presentation.

For the presentation, you’re going to need to showcase to your client what exactly you are going to do for them. Remember the 2nd principle. If they don’t understand how you’re going to solve their problem, they are very unlikely to buy from you.

That being said, your main focus should be:

  1. Make sure that you clearly understand their problem before your presentation (it’s usually lack of leads or sales).
  2. Make it simple for them to understand your solution and offer (do not be over technical, no one cares how smart you are).

Funnelytics helps you make focus #2 easy…

The mapping tool will help you to visually map out the funnel you plan to build in a way that makes your solution super clear to your prospect.

Set up a quick lead magnet funnel for your client!

Then with our Share or Export to PNG options, you can send your client a recap of your presentation with a picture of the funnel embedded.

Remember, many of your prospects are not Digital Marketers. It isn’t easy for them to conceptualize a sales funnel. Having a picture to reference makes your solution clear and concise, positioning you above the competition. You are also setting expectations in advance which will make your life a hell of a lot easier in the delivery phase.

This is the power of Funnelytics. 


Here is a presentation technique that works like gang-busters:

Lay out your prospects current website live in front of them with Funnelytics. Show them how confusing the journey is for their potential customer to become a lead or sale with all the pages linking to one another.

Now position your funnel and how it is structured to achieve their specific goal (usually a lead or a sale). This strategy has worked like crazy for a number of our users.

3) Keep Your Clients Buying Again and Again

Did you know

  • It costs 5 times more money to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one
  • The success rate of selling an existing customer is 60-70% vs 5-20% on a new customer

That sounds like some low-hanging fruit! How much would a 5x reduction in acquistion costs and an almost 50% increase in closing percentage help your business and your confidence as a sales person? Simply put, retaining customers or selling them more marketing services is the best way to help your business grow.

So how do you make clients stick around? (Hint: It isn’t working longer or harder)

  1. Providing a great customer experience
  2. You solved their problem (results)
  3. You can show them results

If you can do those three things they will buy from you time and time again.

Let me show you how Funnelytics help you accomplish some of the points above.

A Great Customer Experience

One of the biggest hurdles in any service based business is communication. When communication breaks down, clients get angry, and it makes retention nearly impossible.

If you used Funnelytics in your pitch, you are already ahead of the game because you clearly communicated the exact solution you were offering. You can take this one step further by leveraging Collaboration.

By adding your client as a collaborator, you remove some of the back and forth, as they can go in and see changes you have made, add notes in the funnel and make their own suggestions.

Have other freelancers or team members working on the project? Add them too! The point is to keep everyone on the same page, while reducing emails and back and forth conversations.

All this inside a beautiful visual canvas. The only thing left is to deliver results, and prove you are getting them.

Show Them the Money

A great client experience is nothing without results. Money talks – you know it, and I know it.

How do you show your client results though? Your current workflow probably looks something like this:

  • You open Google Analytics and pull some “Goal” and “Conversion” metrics
  • You open Facebook Business Manager and export a report (or copy and paste values into a spreadsheet)
  • You open Stripe, PayPal or some other payment provider and check sales against your real data
  • You log into your clients CRM and check how many new leads were generated

You get the idea…

After a few hours of compiling data into a report, you send it to your client and they don’t even read it. Why?

Because they don’t want to look at charts and spreadsheets anymore than you do. And you know what? 99% probably only care about leads and sales. So why not just show them what they really care about?

We built the KPI Window (key performance indicators) to help you show your clients the numbers they care about.

If you added them as a collaborator, all they have to do is log into the funnel and click a button to see the sales and leads you’ve generated.

That means no more weekly reports, hours back to work on your business, and a client that can see your value. Win, win, win.

Key Takeaways

  1. Position yourself as the expert by mapping a solution for your audience before you ever make them an offer (Check out the Funnelytics Vault for some great ideas.)
  2. Close clients more easily by walking them through your solution to their problem (Funnel Map)
  3. Keep clients as customers longer with better communication (Collaboration), and proven results (KPI Window).

Now what? How can you take your business to the next level?…

Once you have proven your offer to a few people in your audience, it’s easy to position yourself as the expert in a targeted niche rather than a generalist.

This will in turn create a more predictable flow of clients and repeat clients in your business, and allow you to increase your prices to future customers.

CHALLENGE: In the next 24 hours, I want you to create a Funnel Map in Funnelytics that will solve a specific persons problem. Find out where that person hangs out, and send them your idea. Start a conversation, and make them an offer. It may not work the first time, but if you consistently do this and start conversations, you will close more clients.

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