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Since we launched the Funnelytics™ Mapping Canvas in 2018, we’ve seen businesses grow dramatically using Funnelytics, and had thousands of users leverage our tool to close & retain clients. But, we faced the same challenges that all small companies deal with in the first few years – mainly, time and man-power. 

Now, we are incredibly excited to announce that big changes are coming to the Funnelytics Mapping Experience

We’re making it easier to create funnel maps that make an impact. 

Interested in learning more about what that means for you? Keep on reading …

Updates & New Features:

Link Wheel

The biggest change we’ve made with this update is that we’ve gotten rid of the Link Wheel! 
When we introduced the Link Wheel in October 2019, we found that unfortunately, it wasn’t making mapping significantly easier for most of our users like we had hoped. So, we took your feedback and improved the experience by bringing back standalone action mapping. We’ve also added a new way to map by dragging a connector arrow to anywhere on the canvas! 

Context Menu 

With the Link Wheel gone, we’re excited to introduce our new Context Menu!
Right click or hit the ‘‘ icon on any page, action, or traffic source to open it up, and you can quickly change the label, add the URL and more.Â

Action Folder

Back by popular demand, our actions folder is back and ready to map! Now, you can map actions the same way you map traffic sources & pages – with a few new icons ready for you to use. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

You asked, we listened! Over the last 2 years, one of the most consistent improvement requests has been adding keyboard shortcuts to the canvas. Our development team has added in a number of the most used keyboard shortcuts to make mapping even faster! 

Save – Command ⌘ (Mac) or Control (Windows)+ S

Copy – Command ⌘ (Mac) or Control (Windows) + C

Paste – Command ⌘ (Mac) or Control (Windows) + V

Delete – Delete Key

Undo – Command ⌘ (Mac) or Control (Windows) + Z

Duplicate – Command ⌘ (Mac) or Control (Windows) + D

Text Editor

Personalize your funnel even more with our updated text editor! Simply select your text to bring up this menu to change the font size, colour, and style.

Arrow Customization

Presenting traffic flows can be tough when you’re still planning out a funnel, which is why we introduced our arrow customization tool! Click the gear icon to change the colour and the arrowhead on your flows. 

Custom Shapes 

Shapes have gotten a major makeover since our last update! Now, you can customize your shapes by rotating them, and customizing the border and fill to suit your funnel design.

Custom Images

Make your funnel stand out from the crowd with custom images! Impress your coworkers and clients by adding in logos, ad imagery, and more. You can do this easily by hitting the custom image icon and dragging it to the canvas! 

** Please Note that this is a Pro feature only!

Custom Icons

For 2020, we wanted to make the mapping customization as easy as possible – so we started by revamping custom icons! Now, you can upload and edit all your custom icons within the Canvas – so no more flipping between the Dashboard & Canvas!

All you have to do is go to one of the Icon folders and click “Manage Custom Icons” to get started!

** Please Note that this is a Pro feature only!

Snaplines (BETA)

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you probably spend a lot of time trying to line up your icons perfectly, especially in more complicated funnels. With Snaplines, you can organize your icons perfectly right when it gets added to the canvas. Turn on Snaplines by going to Visualization Settings in the canvas (Canvas –> Settings –> Visualization), and check the Snaplines box to add them!

** Please Note: This feature is currently in BETA – which means you may experience some bugs with this feature. If you do notice any bugs, please reach out to our support team to report them. 

Any questions or feedback on our newest canvas update? Let us know by emailing us at

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