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Exciting Developments and Upcoming Changes at Funnelytics

Dear Funnelytics Community,

I am excited to share some important news about the future of the Funnelytics platform. Our mission has always been to empower marketers around the world with the most innovative and effective funnel mapping and analytics tools. To continue on this path, and to serve you better, we have some changes on the horizon.


The first is a shift in the availability of unlimited canvases for our free mapping tool. To ensure the sustainability of our platform and to continue providing high-quality services, we will be introducing a limit on the number of canvases that can be created within our free offering.


For those of you who are already on any of our paid plans, whether it be our Founding Members, 1.0 Pro Members, or 2.0 Performance Members, you will not be affected by this change.


For those of you who rely on unlimited mapping, we understand this might come as a surprise, and we want to assure you that this decision wasn’t made lightly. It’s a necessary step for us to continue evolving and providing you with the cutting-edge resources that you’ve come to expect from us.


The good news is that we’re not just introducing a change – we’re introducing an opportunity


We are announcing a new plan that will allow you to maintain unlimited canvases, but also add additional powerful new features like access to a library of 100+ funnel and strategy templates, enhanced planning features for better collaboration, and much more – without needing to upgrade to our high-end analytics plans.

We are committed to making this transition is as seamless as possible for you, which is why you will continue to maintain full access to all your canvases until June 8th, 2023. As our way of showing gratitude for your ongoing support, we will be offering the opportunity to upgrade to our new plan at a big discount, so please be on the lookout next week for more details.


Funnelytics was built on the foundation of our free mapping tool, our community, collaboration, and mutual success. We will continue to offer a free, albeit limited, mapping tool for casual users. We are confident these adjustments will provide even better tools to help grow your business.


Thank you for being part of our journey, and we’re excited about the road ahead.


To a successful future,
Mikael Dia
CEO, Funnelytics


Mikael Dia

Mikael Dia

Founder & CEO @ Funnelytics Inc.

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