Funnelytics Vs Hyros

Comparing apples to oranges.

Let’s be real for a second, Funnelytics and Hyros are very different solutions. Sure, we both measure marketing performance. But that’s where our similarities end. Hyros is a great solution if you’re spending over $10,000 on digital advertising and you need a tool that will help you understand what campaigns are performing, and where to spend your advertising dollars. Funnelytics is an excellent tool for getting a handle on your customer journey performance. Telling you to choose one over the other is like saying you should order the steak when you really want the salmon.

Here’s an overview of how
Funnelytics and Hyros stack up

Why Hyros is awesome

If you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on digital ads every month, having a tool that gives you this level of detail and insight is a no brainer. Being able to get the accuracy Hyros provides with the actionable suggestions of where and how to spend your media budget makes total sense. In situations such as these, Funnelytics acts as an extension of Hyros, allowing you to have the same level of optimization detail for their onsite experiences as you do with your media budget.

Where Funnelytics Shines

There are two levers in growth: how much we spend and how much we convert. Hyros is a great platform for helping you understand how much to spend on ads and where to spend it. Funnelytics will help you increase your conversions to make your advertising dollars work harder. Some of our clients just use Funnelytics. Some clients use both. Here are the top reasons people choose to use us.

Find your bottlenecks.

Hyros will tell you which of your campaigns is converting the best. But the truth is most marketing funnels have leaks in them, and Hyros can’t tell you where. Funnelytics will visualize where the holes in your customer journey are so you can plug them and convert more of your website traffic into paying customers.

Understand what to optimize.

The answer to your question isn’t always going to be black and white–turn the ad campaign on or turn it off. More often than not the real answer is optimizing the experience. Hyros will tell you where you spent money and where you made money. Funnelytics will tell you how to make more money without spending more by showing you where to optimize your customer journey and increase your conversion rates.

Go beyond advertising.

Ad traffic is not the only type of traffic coming to your website and converting. Understanding how your whole marketing ecosystem works together to turn strangers into customers will help you grow your business more efficiently. 

Education is always part of the deal.

When you commit to your success by choosing Funnelytics, we commit to your success right alongside you. Funnelytics boasts a world-class customer success team who is there to answer your questions–big or small–when you need it most.

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