Marketplace Case Study

CashorTrade increases purchases by optimizing their UX/UI

When your product has an expiry date, near real-time insights are critical to your business’ success. Logging into multiple platforms—Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics—was bogging the team down with extra workload and limited actionable data.

Increase In customers completing their purchases

Time saved in
reporting tasks

Improved customer experience

full visibility of their customer journey

The need for speed

When you’re responsible for the world’s only network that allows fans to buy, sell, or trade tickets at face value, you can’t wait for actionable data. With event dates quickly approaching, you need it. And you need it fast. Without insights on hand, Dusty Rich, CMO at CashorTrade, knew he was leaving money on the table.

Data doesn’t equal insights. That’s what CashorTrade quickly learned. They had all of the numbers at their fingertips, but connecting the dots between fragmented data sources was a challenge that left them with more questions than answers about their UX and UI.

Key challenges to resolve

Wanting to see a clearer picture of their customer journeys and the bottlenecks within them, they turned to Funnelytics.

Pinpointing friction points yields big results

Using Funnelytics Performance, the team at CashorTrade could easily find where customers were dropping out of their journeys. Dusty and his team have been able to identify UX elements that help optimize their customer journeys with confidence. As a result, they have seen a measurable increase in purchases.

Disconnected data equals disconnected teams. Breaking down the silos led to big results for CashorTrade. By using Funnelytics Performance as their consolidated, central source of truth for all of their customer journey data, CashorTrade has been able to achieve organization-wide alignment. They’re able to make better decisions, faster.
"It offers a much more robust level of insight into consumer behavior that other analytics tools don't and it's more responsive as far as its real- time reporting." - Dusty Rich, CMO of CashorTrade
Like most other businesses, CashorTrade carefully monitors their return on ad spend (ROAS) closely. It may be an important metric for any team to measure, but it can also be time consuming to calculate–without centralized data that is.

Funnelytics Performance helps the team at CashorTrade quickly see their ROAS from their most important paid and organic traffic sources. And this helps the team optimize their ad spend for more efficient conversions.

Overall, the team at CashorTrade have seen tangible results, like an optimized ROAS, an increase in purchases, and time saved since implementing Funnelytics. They’re looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish next.

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