Ecommerce Case Study

Four Sigmatic uses customer journey analytics and increases their AOV by 46%

The subscription-based ecommerce business had measurement in place. But with only Google Analytics, some complicated spreadsheets and Google Data Studio at hand, they could only see a piece of the puzzle instead of the big picture.


increase in
average order value


replaced by Funnelytics

more effective through
increased team alignment

full visibility of their customer journey

Curiosity killed the conversion... or did it?

This was one of many big questions facing Four Sigmatic’s Head of Commerce, Rick Cadotte, about his customer journeys. As a former member of the tech world, Rick was well aware of the fact that even board-level executives talk about customer journeys in a buzz-worthy way. 


But no one really does a good job of actually visualizing what those journeys look like, let alone measuring them.

Key challenges to resolve

On a quest to get a better handle on their customer journey analytics, the team at Four Sigmatic found themselves turning to Funnelytics Performance.

Getting a grip on the numbers and journeys

Four Sigmatic was already a successful business. But to expedite to their growth, they needed to understand where they were making money, where they weren’t and what was making their conversion rates go up and down. 


They were measuring all of the metrics most businesses do–click-through rates, conversion rates, time on site, exit rate. You name it, they were measuring it. 


But with Google Analytics and Data Studio alone, they simply couldn’t answer their fundamental question: how can we grow faster?

Adding rocket fuel to their growth engine

Four Sigmatic began working with the Funnelytics team in 2021. Since then, they have fully integrated Funnelytics Performance across their business. From Acquisition Managers to their ecommerce and operations teams, multiple stakeholders login to Funnelytics each day to align themselves around centralized customer journey data.

Funnelytics was the missing piece that helped us map out and analyze our customer journey.

Increasing their average order value by 46% is just the beginning for Four Sigmatic. They optimized various steps in their funnel, ranging from redistribution of media spend and page optimization. Knowing what to do became easy, because Funnelytics Performance visualizes your ideal customer journey and overlays analytics to show you how it’s actually performing.

Their team no longer relies on Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, in favor of going all-in on Funnelytics. As a result, not only did their AOV increase, they also saved time on reporting. To top that, their team has never been this aligned on how to make the company grow further.

Are you ready to start optimizing for growth? 

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