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They include important details about the Funnelytics™ Partner Program that you will be going over during your call.

Video #1 (4 mins)
Discover how agencies from all over the world are leveraging Funnelytics to close and retain clients
Video #2 (7 mins)
Learn the framework that agencies are using to grow their "Funnel Services" business
Video #3 (9 mins)
See behind the scenes of our one-of-a-kind resource & training centre - the Partner Hub

Here are some extra bonuses for you!

FaaS Agency eBooks
Prior to launching Funnelytics, Mikael Dia scaled a "Funnels as a Service" agency to $1m in 18 months. These 5 PDFs break down the exact process that has been replicated over and over again - and how you can too.
Inspiring Success Stories
Every day 6, 7, and 8-figure agency owners share their stories on how the Partner Program and Funnelytics has transformed their business and lives. Get inspired by these amazing success interviews!

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Frequently asked questions

Here's what gets brought up on most discovery calls

We partner with marketing agencies, consultants and service providers who want to bolt on a lucrative productized service to their existing business that can get them $3k to $10k+ monthly retainers, without scaling the hours you work.


We then teach you how to Package, Sell and Deliver this service using all our proven templates, frameworks, SOPs.


We then hand you a certification badge that you can proudly display on your site to boost your credibility and authority.


Lastly, we not only SEND YOU leads to close, but we also GIVE YOU the pre-built funnels to attract clients for yourself.


You get all the credit. You keep all the profits. We support you along the way. 


We get it… it sounds a bit too good to be true.


Luckily, we’ve been so good at implementing this in our clients’ agencies that we’ve received hundreds of case studies, testimonials, videos, and screenshots of agency owners just like you seeing massive results – check out this page to see a massive wall of client results.


Let’s get to the tangibles goods!


  • Full access to Funnelytics Performance and the 15+ features designed to plan, measure and optimize customer journeys.
  • 2 expert and support sessions per week. One on using Funnelytics to close and retain clients. The other on scaling your services, without scaling your hours.
  • Over 38 proven frameworks and trainings to help you systemize how you attract, close, deliver, and retain clients.
  • Over 50 pre-built swipe-and-deploy agency templates and documents to speed up your success.
  • Exclusive access to a community of 6, 7 and 8-figure agency owners and service providers who have been there before.
  • 3 Performance Marketing certifications to boost your authority and credibility.
  • Featured listing in our providers directory, community hub, and weekly newsletter.

… and if that wasn’t enough, we even guarantee results with our 60-day Performance Guarantee.


You can set up clients in a matter of minutes by installing the base tracking code. It’s a one-code install and you’ll start collecting traffic and page data.


You can also track more complex actions using Google Tag Manager. We have many pre-built containers for you to leverage or you can hire our team to get you set up in a few days.

Absolutely! We’ll guide your team on your first client setup. We will work with you to make sure no questions are left unanswered and your team will continue to have our support for every single client setup.


This is in addition to our amazing Funnelytics™ Resource and Community Hub.

Transparency is key! No need to jump on a call if you’re just looking to understand what the cost is.

Let’s keep this simple. There’s both a money and time investment required.


Let’s start with money.

The investment for the Agency Partner Program typically increases with each cohort.


For the upcoming cohort, there will be a one-time Program fee of $3,000 + your Funnelytics subscription, that you can cancel any time.


Your Partner status and perks will remain active as long as you maintain your Funnelytics subscription.


Let’s talk about time.

We aren’t here to be a burden in your already busy life. The goal is to simplify your agency, not complicate it.


When you first start the program, you’ll want to dedicate around 2-hours per week for the next 4 weeks to go through content and discover all the resources available to you.


Then, it’s up to you. Just remember, your revenue will scale based on the effort you put.​


Now for the guarantee.

We 100% guarantee ROI on your program fee by the end of your cohort, or we’ll pay you back the full program fee.


However, you won’t get results unless you do the work, so to qualify for this guarantee you must actively participate in the cohort.​

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