You’re seeing your marketing data, but are you really understanding it?

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You already know what’s happening on your pages...

But you have trouble answering “WHY”

You’ve got traffic data, but your software doesn’t offer any clear recommendations (insights)

GA and other similar software takes way too long to gather any insights to get a clear picture

The quality of your data isn’t as trustworthy as you desire (iOS 14 update)

Imagine if you could...

Interpret your data visually, with clear images and icons of your website

Present your website’s entire funnel in minutes, so everyone on your team can get on the same page.

Receive relatable data that you can trust

That's Why We Created Funnelytics Performance

Once you sign up, you’ll join our cohort
(That’s what we call our personalized on-boarding experience)

Receive personalized guidance in a group setting, that will:

  • Train you and your team to set up your tracking
  • Build strategic funnels
  • Analyze their performance

So you can finally get clarity on why something’s happening.

What People Have To Say About Funnelytics.

Russel Brunson

Co-Founder, Clickfunnels

“Funnelytics is by far one of my favourite softwares.”

Billy Gene Shaw

CEO, Billy Gene is Marketing

“I wanna give a huge shoutout to Funnelytics!”

Funnelytics Performance Gives You Measurable Answers

What To Expect During Your Discovery Call

During your free scheduled demo with one of our product advisors, we will:

  • Go over your current strategy to see what is (and isn’t) working

  • Identify the challenges related to customer tracking

  • Figure out what bottlenecks or issues are causing the most headaches

  • Set up reasonable expectations for how Funnelytics can help you gather insights, so you can execute an effective action plan

Is Funnelytics Performance For Me?

You'll BENEFIT from this call if you...

Are a high-level decision maker

Are a mid-market company that generated $1M+ in annual revenues

Currently use analytics tools to gather insights, such as Google Analytics

Have monthly visitors exceeding 10k

Currently have, or work with, an analyst to interpret data

Are patient and love to learn

Experience bottlenecks within your marketing efforts

Have a hard time presenting your marketing data to non-marketing people

You won’t BENEFIT from this call if you…

Are unclear on your own marketing strateg Funnelytics is for people looking for the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’

Don't have an experimental and inquisitive mind frame—Funnelytics is for people who are willing to adopt new learnings

Are a solopreneur or freelancer

Have everything figured out—if your current solution works for you, congrats! 🥳

Have less than 10k visitors per month

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s both! Funnelytics Performance includes both our best-in-class software, along with personalized guidance that will train you and your team to set up your tracking.

Funnelytics Performance costs $500/month, including a one-time onboarding fee depending on your package. Book a discovery call with a product advisor for more information.

No, but experience with JavaScript and Google Tag Manager are useful for you or someone on your team

The final cohort of the year starts October 11th. One of our product advisor will let you know of the upcoming dates.

We recommend that you book a call with one of our product advisors to see if you qualify.

The cohort lasts for six total sessions, where each session is approx 1 hr.

Yes! We invite you to bring anyone who would benefit from the cohort sessions, particularly those who primarily work with marketing data and site analytics.

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