Map out your entire customer journey

- and get 30,000 ft clarity

Drag and drop icons to map out your marketing funnels in minutes. Watch all the puzzle pieces come together — 

and get a full, visual handle on what is actually happening.

And did we mention? It’s FREE, forever 🎉

How Russell Brunsen maps his Funnel

No other platform makes it easier to visualize your funnel
— from the first touchpoint to the last.

Map out beautifully designed customer journeys in minutes.

Drag-and-drop whiteboard

Architect your funnel in minutes.

Use features built for marketers and CEOs, not data nerds. Drag and drop icons you already know and recognize. Link them in a way that’s simple and intuitive.

Infinite canvas

Add as many touchpoints as you need.

Zoom in to get granular. Zoom out to see the ENTIRE funnel from a bird’s eye view. The canvas never ends, giving you infinite space to build and create.

And did we mention

It's free... forever!

Map infinite customer journeys and funnels – at $0.00, always.


“Funnelytics is by far one of my favorite softwares.”

Russel Brunson
Co-Founder, ClickFunnels
Anik Singal

“Funnelytics is amazing! I got turned onto it by someone in my team and i'm addicted to it. I LOVE IT.”

Anik Singhal
Founder & CEO, Lurn Inc
Screenshot 2022-05-23 134636

“I wanna give a huge shoutout to Funnelytics!”

Billy Gene Shaw
CEO, Billy Gene is Marketing

Now, you see how all the puzzle pieces fit. It's WOW!

I wanted something that would map or architect our marketing funnel. We have all these pieces that flow together, and I’m a visual person who likes to see things linked. The problem was not being able to see the whole thing at once. It was pieces of a puzzle scattered on the table. Everybody understood the pieces, but you had to imagine it put together. Now, you see how it fits, you see the color and texture of the journey. It’s wow.

Chris Young

Let's do this!

Map infinite customer journeys and funnels – at $0.00, always.

Pick a touchpoint, any touchpoint

Choose from our extensive collection of ready-to-go customer touchpoints, with icons you already know and recognize. If someone has ever used it in a funnel, we’ve got it 😃

Map your customer journey in less than 3 minutes!

Successful companies move quickly. Watch this video to see how you can map the journey your customers take in less than 3 minutes. Our clients report that it takes them no time, to map out their first funnel in Funnelytics.

Say no to siloed teams.

Get clarity on how it all fits together – and align everyone on the full 


You shouldn’t have to imagine the machine that powers your business. When you plot a funnel visually from end to end, you can start making more confident decisions, because there are no missing puzzle pieces.
When you can see everything in one place, you get clarity on what’s missing — what needs to be added, tweaked, or removed.
Your funnels have so many moving parts. Create one place where every stakeholder can see what’s actually happening — and make decisions accordingly. 

Simplifies the most complicated journey

This is a canvas that can simplify the most complicated funnel or journey. Months of work are summarized in little boxes on the map. There's nothing else out there even close to this.

Nicko Craig
Digital Strategist, 5150 Digital Marketing Group

Stop relying on crude sketches
(or your imagination 😁)

Connect all the touchpoints of your customer journey in one beautiful, visual place -
so everyone can (finally) understand what's going on.

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