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How Do Blog Posts Contribute to Form Submissions?
Play Video about How Do Blog Posts Contribute to Form Submissions?

Your already know what's happening to your pages!

But you have trouble answering WHY


You’ve got traffic data, but your software doesn’t offer any clear recommendations (insights)


GA and other similar software takes way too long to gather any insights to get a clear picture


The quality of your data isn’t as trustworthy as you desire (iOS 14 update)

Imagine If You Could...

Interpret your data visually, with clear images and icons of your website

Present your website’s entire funnel in minutes, so everyone on your team can get on the same page.

Receive relatable data that you can trust

That's why we created

Funnelytics Performance is more than just a powerful piece of software

It’s a hybrid solution that incorporates world-class training from our team of specialists to help you harness the power of our platform.

Once you sign up, you’ll join our cohort. (That’s what we call our personalized onboarding experience)

Receive personalized guidance in a group setting, that will train you and your team to set up your tracking, build strategic funnels, and analyze their performance—so you can finally get clarity on why something’s happening.

Here’s what GA doesn’t tell you

If you’re serious about scaling your business, then schedule your demo and find out how Funnelytics can help you align your team, simplify reporting, and make confident decisions that yield greater engagement and conversions!

Guided Installation

We support with connecting almost any type of platform, then show you the featues and settings you'll use to maximize the tool.

Funnel Walkthrough

Our optimization pros provide report templates, frameworks and training so you can get quick insights and know what needs doing.

Optimization Workshops

Learn how to compare, analyze and extract performance insights from your data - even if you're not a data nerd.

Ongoing Support

Ask us anything in our exclusive Slack channel, dedicated Q&A sessions, or simply shoot us an email - we're here for you.

What to expect during your demo call

During your free scheduled demo with one of our product advisors, we will:

What Our Clients Are Saying About Funnelytics

Why now is the perfect time to schedule a call

In just 30 minutes, you’ll get clarity on how you can optimize your company’s growth
by understanding the WHY behind your marketing pain points.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but experience with JavaScript and Google Tag Manager are useful for you or someone on your team.

We hold monthly cohorts, however their dates are subject to change. Our product advisor will let you know of the upcoming dates.

We recommend that you book a call with one of our product advisors, to see if you qualify.

The cohort lasts for six total sessions, where each session is approx 1hr.

Yes! We invite you to bring anyone who would benefit from the cohort sessions, particularly those who primarily work with marketing data and site analytics.

Funnelytics is used by businesses that rely on inbound funnel marketing to achieve growth.

Courses & Infoproducts

You use ads, webinars, and videos to drive sales — along with upsells & downsells. But you spend hours trying to pinpoint the bottlenecks. What’s working, what’s not? You’re not sure.

You want clarity on what actually moves customers — so you can make confident decisions that drive predictable growth.

Coaches & Programs

You use ads and organic traffic to drive deals to your sales pipeline. But which channels most impact performance? Which touchpoints are key to generating leads for your high-ticket sales?

You want to plug the holes in your funnels and consistently hit your sales targets, paving the way for exponential growth.

Accuracy you can rely on

No need to worry about biased or unreliable third-party data. Our data is pulled directly from your sites and pages, giving you insights you can trust.

We value privacy and security — and we’re fully GDPR-compliant to prove it.

“Funnelytics is a tool that the market was desperately needing. And with the constant development and feature development and enhancements, it does not disappoint!”
Firstname Lastname
VP of Marketing, CompanyName
“Funnelytics is a tool that the market was desperately needing. And with the constant development and feature development and enhancements, it does not disappoint!”
Firstname Lastname
VP of Marketing, CompanyName

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