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Simplify Your Client Reports by Visualizing Customer Journeys

Stop struggling with GA4. Replace complicated charts & spreadsheets… get faster insights with our analytics-powered whiteboard.

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We help performance-driven agencies make faster decisions, simplify client reporting, and align their team around results.

Align Your Team Around Strategy and Performance

Win and retain more clients by aligning your marketing team to performance.

Make Faster Decisions and Get Better Results

Increase client lifetime value by visualizing results and finding growth opportunities

Save Time Reporting and Present Accurate Data

Decrease your team's workload by simplifying analysis and quickly compiling reports.

Here’s how they reviewed us

4.3 out of 5 stars

Funnelytics just makes sense.

Ditch the complexities of Google Analytics
Analyze and report on your marketing, visually.

Map your customer journeys

Use our simple and intuitive customer journey mapping tool to present your strategies, sell clients and align your team.

Customer journey kpi tracking software

Overlay data to measure results

Use our powerful analytics tool to measure performance, monitor results and identify optimization opportunities.

Here’s how Funnelytics works.

A single platform to visualize customer journeys, measure performance, and identify optimization opportunites

Map and present your strategy on an engaging canvas

Quickly wow

Overlay all performance data at the click of a button

Make decisions and report on insights with ease

More than just a software.
We help agencies grow.

Funnelytics Mastery

We work with you to master the Funnelytics platform to simplify your agency operations and drive better results for your clients.

Agency Growth Workshops

We provide you with resources and playbooks to easily sell performance services to your clients, including the Funnelytics platform.

Priority Support

We work directly with all agencies to help them sell and implement performance services for all of their clients who use Funnelytics.

Funnelytics simplifies how you plan, measure and optimize customer journeys

A complex mash-up of whiteboards, stickie notes, dashboards, spreadsheets, charts, graphs and attribution tools just to answer “what’s working vs what’s not?”

A single, visual platform that brings in all of your customer journey data and allows you to get insights quickly, by simply dragging-and-dropping icons on a digital whiteboard.

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Grow and align your business with the
right Funnelytics™ plan

Flexible pricing for your business

What is the average monthly traffic that you get across all sites?

Up to 50k

Performance Plus


All features, unlimited seats, 1 workspace

Plan and measure your journeys…

Performance Agency


All features, unlimited clients, one set fee

Everything in Performance Plus, and…

Performance Insights


Done for you insights, fully guaranteed.

Everything in Performance Plus, and…

Not ready to get started at the performance level?

Access Funnelytics™ Map to visualize and present customer journeys, without data.


Wall of love

Look at why our customers love Funnelytics.

Funnelytics is one of my favourite software.

Russell Brunson

Co-Founder & CEO, Clickfunnels

Funnelytics is amazing! I’m addicted to it. I love it!

Anik Singal

Founder & CEO, Lurn Inc

Shoutout to Funnelytics! Really cool tool.

Billy Gene Shaw

Founder, Billy Gene is Marketing

I don’t dislike anything about this software. It has helped us a great deal in making smart decisions.

Neha P.

Marketing Manager

Funnelytics helps us visualize our campaigns and traffic to understand flows. There’s nothing like it

Chris Schelzi

CMO, AppSumo

Closed three deals yesterday for at least $25k – people love their Funnelytics maps!

John Ainsworth

CEO, Data Driven Marketing

We’ve leveraged Funnelytics to align our teams, communicate results, and simplify decision making.

Chris Breikss

Founding Partner, Major Tom

I can easily visualize to clients what we’re setting up and often how well they’re working as well.

Andrew M.


I’m fine with anyone who doesn’t see the value. It just means a greater competitive advantage for the rest of us

Brent Kaluhikaua

Owner, Ohana Media

Funnelytics is by far my favourite tool! It’s easily made my agency hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years

Baillie Thornhill

Managing Director, Conscious Lead

I was showing the analytics to a client yesterday and he was totally blown away!

Mitch A.

CEO, Giveaway Rocket

A pretty damn great software for CROs and savvy marketers who care about optimizing results.

Teddy Marie

Growth Hacker, CESAD

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about our platform

At the core, Funnelytics Performance is the same across all plans. With all plans you can overlay analytics on top of your customer journey map.

The core difference is how many workspaces you need, and the support level we offer. 

Performance Plus allows you to auto-track on-site actions like videos, button clicks, scroll, form submissions and purchases. We offer premium support.

Performance Agency is for service providers who want to use Funnelytics across multiple clients, with added support and agency perks like Certification and Directory listings.

Performance Insights is where our team implements and operates Funnelytics for you, providing you with weekly insights without disrupting your current team.

Funnelytics Map is our base level plan that allows you to map and present your customer journeys, without the analytics.

Performance is simple and quick to set up. It involves a one-code install and you’ll be collecting data in a matter of minutes.

Performance Plus auto-tracks on-site actions like video views, button clicks, and link clicks. If you want to track conversion actions like forms, purchases, or calendar bookings you can leverage our integrations, webhooks, or Google Tag Manager. We have many pre-built GTM containers for you to use or you can hire our team to get you set up in a few hours.

The data is pulled directly from your site pages through our tracking script, providing you with insights you can trust. We value privacy and security — and we’re fully GDPR-compliant to prove it.

GA4 is adopting similar people-centric tracking technology that we’ve been doing for years. We collect similar data, but our platform lets you visualize performance, while GA4 user journey reports and insights still requires you to analyze charts and dashboards. With Funnelytics, you can manipulate data and understand performance by simply dragging and dropping icons on a canvas in a way that everyone understands.
Channel attribution gives you insights into how to distribute your ad spend across platforms, but doesn’t tell you what happens in between. Funnelytics provides this crucial data so you can generate more revenue from your existing traffic, without spending more on ads.

First off, congrats for already expecting to grow your traffic volume. That’s the goal, right? We will never penalize you for growing your business.

When you go over your plan’s limit, we’ll automatically upgrade it to the next level. Your account won’t skip a beat. You’ll continue gathering data and tracking the people that come to your site.

Absolutely! We’ll guide your team on exactly what to implement, continually analyze your funnel performance, and provide a list of prioritized action items and opportunities.

Your team will have full access to our Funnelytics Hub where we house all our training videos.

Ready to simplify reporting and optimize client results?

Get better results for your clients and retain them longer by showing them what’s happening, not presenting numbers.

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