The #1 Data Visualization Platform

Align your marketing teams to create winning strategies by understanding the pathways your customer’s take prior to converting.

Visualize your customer’s behaviors, understand their motivations and gain a holistic view of their buying journey.

Thousands of Marketers & Agencies trust Funnelytics with their data.

Easier than Google Analytics!
Major time-savings for my marketing team
Top-notch customer service!

Optimize your campaigns with ease

Aggregate all of your Data
Funnelytics pulls all of your campaign data from each of your channels, so you can see your customer’s journey from paid ad to landing page to conversion.
Interpret data more effectively
No more complex graphs or Excel outputs; Funnelytics visualizes your customer touch points so you can easily derive the information you need.
Make smarter decisions
Quickly identify the highest performing channels, the customer persona’s most likely to convert & the funnel yielding the most revenue, so you can establish winning marketing strategies.

What can you do with Funnelytics

Real-time data

Launch today, track today. Funnelytics can easily be set up so you can start tracking within minutes. Update your results throughout the day to quickly validate any changes you’ve made to your campaigns. 

Quantitative insights

Funnelytics provides you with real, tangible and actionable quantitative data over qualitative. Stop spending endless hours reviewing screen recordings; derive the insights you need instantly.

Optimize with certainty

Funnelytics is the only platform that allows you to visually map each detail of your customer’s journey, so you can quickly identify and fix any bottleneck in their path.

Ready for optimized campaigns?

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