2 out of 3 people identify as a visual thinker

So why are there no analytics platforms for 66% of the market?

Finally - a platform that helps you make smart data driven decisions, without having to look at charts, spreadsheets or graphs

Actionable insights
for teams

With Funnelytics, you get the visual insights you need to answer that one question: what's working versus what's not?

Uncover the pathways your customers take, the behaviours that motivate them, and the bottlenecks that prevent conversions – all in one drag-n-drop canvas

Designed for Strategists and Marketers, not Data Scientists
Playbooks for C- Suite, Teams & Specialists

Funnelytics provides you with tangible and actionable data
insights for all roles across your company. Get the insights you
need in real- time.

V Shred grew 10X in 2 years

Funnelytics provides the performance insights to keep growing

One picture says a thousands words, so
we help teams to Strategize, Analyze & Optimize - Visually

Drag & Drop Analytics
Know what's working versus what's not

Align your marketing teams to create winning strategies by understanding the pathways your customer’s take to convert.

Guided on-boarding for maximizing potential
We help you visualise your use cases

Our team of Product Specialists will get you up and running in no time. We’ll get you set up with our existing maps to kickstart your efforts, and will work with you to really hone in on your specific use cases.

Optimize with certainty
Look beyond the graphs & spreadsheets

Funnelytics is the only platform that allows you to visually map each detail of your customer’s journey, so you can quickly identify and fix any bottleneck in their path

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Strategize, Analyze, Optimize, all on a whiteboard
Understanding customers was never this visual and easy

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