First cohort for Funnelytics Performance starts on June 6th.
Schedule a call today for an exclusive, early-access offer!

First cohort for Funnelytics Performance starts on June 6th. Apply today for an exclusive, early-access offer!

Your growth engine is too critical to leave unmonitored

“How are we progressing week over week?”

“Are we on track to hit our targets?”

“What do we need to fix NOW?”


Get these funnel answers instantly, without manually updating spreadsheets.

Stay on top of performance, get alerted if something goes wrong, and discover what works to drive growth.

Customizable Reports

See the numbers and share them easily.

Generate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and comparison reports with a click. Customize by people, traffic sources, dates, and more.

  • Automated in your inbox
  • No need to dig for datasegment?
  • Easy for everyone on the team to understand
  • Automated reports coming soon!

Red, Yellow, Green Light​

See the numbers and share them easily.

What’s going up, what’s going down? Any significant upticks or downticks?


Get visual signals in comparison mode — week over week, target to today, two separate filters/segments — and see what’s working (and what’s not).


Find out things like:

  • What are people dropping off?
  • What assets are performing poorly?
  • Which touchpoint generating the most conversions?


(coming soon!)

Know you’re secure if something goes wrong.

With our fail-safe system, you’ll get alerted if the conversion rate drops below a red line, or if a particular page gets a traffic spike.


Manage crises faster to prevent massive revenue hemorrhages and address happy changes faster to maximize the impact.


Find out things like:


  • What was webinar’s conversion rate?
  • What percentage of homepage visitors left the website immediately?
  • Out of the total landing page visitors yesterday, how many moved directly to the register page?
“If people are like us, they're already up to their eyeballs in things to do, so they don't have time to set up and understand a new tool. The Funnelytics team made that easy.”
Alicia Powell
Founder & CEO, Pixistock

What gets monitored
gets managed.

If something goes wrong,

you need to know about it yesterday.

Monitor your customer journey's performance from one place - and with one glance.

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