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Funnelytics™ Performance

Increase your customer conversions — with zero risk

Watch this short demo of Performance Lite in action!

Watch this short demo of Performance Lite in action!

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Black Friday week only

Over 50% OFF!

Join the thousands of high-performing marketers that are already using Funnelytics

All this

With a 3-minute setup

A visual way to understand results

Nothing is more powerful than a picture that everyone can understand. 

  • See everything in context by overlaying results on top of your growth strategy
  • Visually see how people get to your site, move across pages, and where they drop
  • Simple setup with one code install

Identify bottlenecks at a glance

Monitor performance of your customer journeys, without needing a data analytics degree.

  • Real time results and monitoring using a red, yellow, green light system
  • Report on goals and conversions
  • Instantly align team on what’s working versus what’s not

Report on insights with ease

Simply drag-n-drop your data into a report and answer any questions about what makes people convert on your site

  • Quickly report how any traffic source contributes to conversions
  • Highlight how different pages and sources impact results
  • No need to build spreadsheets, charts or graphs

Agencies love Funnelytics™

Easily close and retain clients longer

Agencies and service providers increase their value and close more clients

  • Stand out from the flood of service providers
  • Communicate results in a way that clients understand
  • Charge more by focusing on performance instead of effort

So – much – value!

Included during this Black Friday week


Performance Masterclass

$297 value

Learn from world class marketers how to plan, measure and optimize your customer journeys. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of squeezing the most revenue out of your existing marketing spend through:

  • Customer Journey frameworks to build the most profitable funnels, no matter the product or service
  • Learn our 3P3C framework to generate higher than average conversion rates
  • 5-Step Optimization to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase customer value


FaaStrack Program

$2,997 value

Learn how to grow a world class systemized agency from 7 and 8-figure agency owners. You’ll learn how to attract, close, deliver and retain clients in a predictable and repeatable way to escape the agency hamster wheel and finally achieve:

  • A consistent and predictable flow of clients
  • Higher fees, better clients and less work
  • A scalable delivery system that doesn’t require you

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Choose the plan that’s right for you​

Funnelytics Performance Lite™


$199 / month

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$99 / MONTH
Black Friday only

Funnelytics Performance Lite™


$1,999/ year

51% OFF Regular price
$999 / year
Black Friday only

Ideal for marketers to want to optimize conversions of a site

  • Monthly access to Funnelytics Performance Lite ($199/mo value)
  • Unlimited mapping
  • 100+ Funnel pre-built templates
  • Simple to install tracking
  • BONUS: Performance Masterclass ($297 value)

Cancel Anytime. 30 Day Full Guarantee

Ideal for marketers who want to grow their performance services

  • 1 year access to Funnelytics Performance Lite ($1,999/yr value)
  • Unlimited mapping
  • 100+ Funnel pre-built templates
  • Simple to install tracking
  • BONUS: Performance Masterclass ($297 value)
  • BONUS: Funnelytics™ Agency FaaStrack Program ($2,997 value)

Cancel Anytime. 30 Day Full Guarantee

Risk free

Money-back guarantee


Day money-back guarantee

No questions asked

There’s a reason our customers stay with Funnelytics year after year

This platform will change how you operate. But if you’re not 100% convinced yet, we’d like you to take a test drive.

If you implement Funnelytics, take part in the Performance Masterclass, and don’t see dramatic results in how you operate your business within 4 weeks… We didn’t deserve your business. You’ll get all your money back, no questions asked.

"I canceled $6,000 per year worth of software and 2 analytics people who I paid $3K per month.”

Anthony Collova
Founder of IIFYM.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Lite™ is simple and quick to set up. It involves a one-code install that will have you tracking your page sources and on-page traffic in a matter of minutes.

At the core, Funnelytics Performance is the same across all plans. With all 3 plans you can overlay analytics on top of your customer journey map. The core difference is how much of the journey you can visualize, how many people you can track, and the support level we offer.

Performance Lite is a simple one-code install that allows you to see the traffic sources that people come from and the pages that they visit. You can track up to 25,000 people profiles per month and we offer on-demand training and support.

Performance Plus allows you to track more complex on-site actions like videos, button clicks, scroll, form submissions and purchases using Google Tag Manager. You can track up to 100,000 people profiles per month (with additional tracking packages available), and we offer premium support.

Performance Max allows you to pass any data into the Funnelytics canvas using our open API and custom Event Processor. You can track up to 1,000,000 people profiles per month (with additional tracking packages available), and we offer a done for you service.

The Performance Lite Partner plan comes with your main workspace + 3 additional client workspaces. You can add more client workspaces for only $50 per month exclusively for people who upgrade during Black Friday (regularly $100/month).

Traditional web analytics tools (like GA) can’t show you how people journeyed through your website, or what they did before and after they visited a given page. Performance Lite™ shows you a beautiful work of art that is painted using your on-site data. This gives you the context to look at how your source and traffic data are contributing to your business’s performance so you can optimize for growth.

GA4 is adopting similar people-centric tracking technology that we’ve been doing for years. We collect similar data, but our platform lets you visualize performance, while GA4 user journey reports and insights still requires you to analyze charts and dashboards. With Funnelytics, you can manipulate data and understand performance by simply dragging and dropping icons on a canvas in a way that everyone understands.

Channel attribution gives you insights into how to distribute your ad spend across platforms, but doesn’t tell you what happens in between. Funnelytics provides this crucial data so you can generate more revenue from your existing traffic, without spending more on ads.

Performance Lite™ is our most affordable data visualization solution. Prices start at $199/mo for businesses that want to monitor their own performance and $399/mo for agencies and service providers that want workspaces to monitor their clients’ performance journeys.  If you take advantage of Our Black Friday deal you’ll get access to Performance Lite™ for $990/year and Performance Lite™ Partner for $1,980.  That’s a 60% savings compared to our normal monthly plans!. 

We don’t offer a free trial for Funnelytics Performance Lite™. It’s our most affordable option and businesses that use this solution get instant value from its quick and easy installation and powerful insights.  

The data is pulled directly from your sites and pages through an incredibly easy, one-click code install. This snippet of code provides you with insights you can trust. We value privacy and security — and we’re fully GDPR-compliant to prove it.

Are you ready to start optimizing for growth? 

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Performance Lite™ is the ultimate customer journey visualization tool that’s so intuitive that anyone can instantly gain powerful insights into how people get to your site and how people move across pages on your site.

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