Scaling shouldn’t be complicated.

Visualize your performance and align
your team around your marketing data

Funnelytics Performance helps you uncover the insights you need to generate

more impact and revenue out of your strategy. Make analytics fun! 😎

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You don't know what's driving your best customers, and it's costing you money.

If you run an online business and you’ve scaled past 7 figures, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve come across the following problems:


“I finally have a platform to make decisions that drive growth”

Joshua Musick
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“We’ve leveraged Funnelytics to align our teams, communicate results, and simplify decision-making.”

Chris Breikss
Founder, Major Tom
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"If people are like us, they don't have time to set up and understand a new tool. The onboarding and training sessions helped with that."

Alicia Powell
CEO, Pixistock

Everything used to be a LOT simpler.

Remember when your funnel looked like this?

But things rarely remain simple...

As your company grew, so did your problems. What was once a single product within a single funnel, grew into multiple channels and multiple offerings.

And now you’re in over your head.

You're using other mapping tools

to map your complex funnels

You're installing complex analytics tools

to give any form of insight

You're going over dozens of spreadsheets

to analyze your data

You're hiring experts who don't know shit

to make sense of it all


And then you only get half the equation

so you never know what to optimize, or what actions to take

And nobody really has any clue what's going on...

You’re blind to how your funnels actually perform, because it’s so damned complicated. So you’re forced to make decisions through guesswork and uncertainty.

Every team member has a different opinion, because there’s no single source of truth

Every analysis takes up massive time and headspace, because you’re using a hodgepodge of complicated tools

Every decision involves multiple people and meetings — and at this pace, there’s no way to drive growth

What if you could uncomplicate your business?

What if you had a single platform that allowed you to…

Visualize performance across your customer acquisition – all at once, and fast.

Monitor results in real time, rather than manually updating and using clunky, third-party automations

Get actionable insights and make confident decisions to grow your business

That's what Funnelytics Performance gives you

Built for executives & creative marketers

Funnelytics Performance is the primary command center that gives you end-to-end performance data in a beautiful visual map, built for creative marketers and high level decision-makers

Note: The last cohort of 2022 is closing October 11!

Here’s why you’ll actually use this platform

Designed for Do-ers, not Overthink-ers

No data nerds required. Any exec or marketer can use Funnelytics. Our entire goal is to simplify analysis and decisions for every team member.

Comparison wizard

Compare any customer journey by date or people, and understand how each part of the funnel is affecting your metrics. Instantly calculate the difference to see which version of your funnel performs better.


People filter

Filter your data based on data, location, device and action, so you can get granular insights on select segments and analyze the most specific journey performance.

Customer segmentation

Discover which are your most (and least) profitable audiences. Segment audiences based on actions or surveys, then filter by those results.

Split-test tracking

Sometimes the road less traveled isn’t the best one to take. Know what tactics work best compared to others, in detail.

Customizable reports

Generate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and comparison reports with a click. Customize by people, traffic sources, dates, and more.

Red, amber, and green lights

Get visual signals in comparison mode—week over week, target to today,
two separate filters—and see what’s working (and what isn’t).

“Finally somebody took data and made it visual”

The best part of the product is…seeing the puzzle come together. With Google Analytics we can put together rudimentary funnels, but cannot do a visual map like this. Analytics was developed by data scientists for themselves by themselves, and I'm a bit of an outsider. Funnelytics felt like it was made for me. I finally felt like I was on the inside. Somebody understood. Finally, somebody figured out that you could take data and make it visual. Funnelytics felt like, ‘This is your club.’

Chris Young

More than just software. Personalized onboarding & support

Get one-on-one guidance throughout the implementation process. We’ll train you and your team to build funnels strategically — and analyze their performance (so you know what to optimize).

Step 1
Sign up

Get immediate access to our platform.

Step 2
Join the onboarding

Kick-start the optimization of your customer journey.

Step 3

Connect your tech stack

Build extremely effective visual reports and present to stakeholders.

Step 4
Optimize your marketing performance

Leverage our frameworks for measurable growth.

Discover Funnelytics Performance Now

Use Funnelytics to uncomplicate your funnel performance and make confident decisions that actually move the needle.

Note: The last cohort of 2022 is closing October 11!

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