The 6 Essential Funnels to Sell Any Product or Service Online

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Looking to build a funnel to sell your product or service but don’t know where to start?

We’ve hacked 100’s of Funnels from some of the top marketers on the internet over the last few years.

And you know what we found? Even the most complex funnels can be broken down into a combination of 6 simple funnels.

These funnels can be combined or “stacked” together to build new funnels to sell practically ANYTHING online.

Each funnel is engineered to move prospects through a specific part of the buyer journey. The goal is to keep them moving deeper down the funnel to ultimately become a paying customer.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The lead magnet funnel allows you to gather customer email addresses in return for providing a free resource, such as a case study, video series, or PDF. 
  • The survey funnel is best for targeting customers when you have multiple products. Using a lead magnet, collect information that allows you to segment your audience and target the right product to the right customer.
  • The product sales funnel turns a lead into a paying customer while maximizing cart value. This occurs when you offer a lead an irresistable low-ticket item. From there you can offer upsells and downsells to increase the average cart value.
  • The mini-class launch funnel educates prospects about your product or service. It is separated into four videos showing users different facets of your product. 
  • The webinar funnel improves ticket sales. This can occur by offering  a special, limited time offer to people at the end of a webinar. 
  • The application funnel allows you to schedule calls for a high ticket service offering. This involves placing CTAs to submit an application for a call. The application should include qualifying questions to identify high-value customers.

1. The Lead Magnet Funnel

🎯 Goal: Acquire contact information (usually email)

What is a Lead Magnet Funnel?

This is arguably the most widely used funnel on the internet. You’ve probably seen one of these before or used one yourself.

The basic concept is that you provide some free piece of valuable content that your prospect wants
  • A PDF
  • Video series
  • Consulting Call
  • Checklist
  • Cheatsheet
  • Whitepaper
  • Case Study
In exchange for their email address (or sometimes other method of contact).

We usually prefer to capture prospects emails. Ever heard the phrase “the money is in the list”? 

That’s because e-mail is still the most valuable form of communication with your customers. 

  1. You only need to acquire a prospects email once
  2. It provides you a way to consistently deliver value and build a relationship with your customers
  3. You own your list. (eg. If Facebook™ and Google disappeared tomorrow, you could still make sales)

What does a Lead Magnet Funnel look like?

The Lead Magnet Funnel is available as a template when you Create Your Free Funnelytics Account.

The basic structure of a Lead Magnet Funnel is:
  1. A person lands on a “Squeeze” or “Opt-in” page
  2. The person enters their contact information in exchange for your lead magnet
  3. The person is sent to a Thank You page with a secondary call-to-action (sending them to another funnel or offer)
  4. The lead magnet is delivered via email (or Messenger)
  5. The prospect enters an email campaign
You need to make sure that your lead magnet will attract your ideal customer because the goal, after acquiring the lead, is to make them an offer and ascend them up your value ladder…that means your lead magnet needs to be relevant to your offer.

Getting the email of someone who isn’t your ideal customer is next to worthless for your business.

The goal when creating a lead magnet is to agitate the problem for the viewer or educate them on some process or idea relating to your business. Essentially you are trying to pre-frame them and get them in the right mindset before seeing your offer.

Case Study: DigitalMarketer generated 35k+ leads in 60 days using the Lead Magnet Funnel

Here is an example of what a successful lead magnet from a Digital Marketer:

Check out their landing page here.

Now let’s quickly dive on into why this worked so well for them:

Solves a problem: The Facebook Ad Template library is a copy and paste solution for digital marketers who struggle with Facebook ads

Can be quickly consumed: This lead magnet offers immediate gratification since it offers them a solution that they can implement into their business ASAP.

Attracts dream client: Digital Marketer offers a variety of high-end digital marketing courses (including Facebook ads) so of course this lead magnet would attract those who want to learn more about Facebook ads.


  • The lead magnet funnel is the simpliest and easiest funnel to execute on…

  • If you can master this funnel you will be able to bring in a boat load of high-quality leads into your business so that when the timing is right, you can make them your offer…

  • Remember, more leads equals more customers which always equals more mula.

  • It is typically used on Cold Traffic
The next funnel I am going to show you will help you segment the leads coming in so that you can deliver them more relevant offers and content to drive higher conversions.

2. The Survey Funnel

🎯 Goal: Segment leads to provide more relevant offers

A BIG reason why most businesses fail is not because their product sucks… Well sometimes…

But most of the time it’s because businesses are offering their products to the WRONG audience.

You can have the best product offering in the world, but if you market it to the wrong group of people, it’s just going to bomb and you’re not going to make any money.

This is why it’s so crucial to make sure your product is properly marketed to the RIGHT audience.

So how do you make sure each and every one of your products are relevant and targeted to the INDIVIDUAL’S needs?

If you have multiple products and you want to make sure each product is targeted then you’re going to want to add the the survey funnel somewhere in your stack.

What is a Survey Funnel?

The Survey Funnel is available as a template when you Create Your Free Funnelytics Account.

The goal with the survey funnel is to use a lead magnet that provides value to the prospect and collects additional information that can be used to segment them.

Don’t be fooled by the name. There are a few variations of the Survey Funnel. Lead magnets used in survey funnels are often super engaging and interactive – for example:

  • Surveys
  • Calculators
  • Quizzes
Have you ever seen those quizzes that ask “What Disney Character Are You?”

That is a perfect example of a survey funnel. People must answer more detailed questions than “Name” and “Email” providing you with more information to craft more relevant messaging. They are also really fun and engaging so people WANT to fill them out.

Case Study: How IIFYM Went from $2500/week to $5000/day using the Survey Funnel

Here is an example of a successful “survey”:

This simple calculator helps IIFYM bring in around $5k a day…

IIFYM uses a calculator in this case to segment their visitors based on their sex and their fitness goals so that later on in the funnel they can offer them relevant offers that solve their specific problems.

What they also did well was agitate the problem through the calculator. By getting them to write down their current weight and their goal weight, it will get them in the right frame of mind. 

They’ll crave change and it will get them thinking of the results they want… This is where IIIFYM will come in and solve their problems.


  • You should use a Survey Funnel if you have multiple products that cater to different audiences

  • It is crucial that you segment your leads making sure that each product resonates and solves their specific needs

  • Typically used on Cold audiences, but can be used to segment your existing leads later in your funnel
Master this survey funnel and you will be able to take your conversion rates, sales and business to a whole new level.

Alright, now that we have covered two funnels that will help turn cold traffic into leads, let’s look at one that will help you turn those leads into customers.

3. The Product Sales Funnel

🎯 Goal: Turn a lead into a paying customer
🎯 Secondary Goal: Maximize cart value

If you are struggling to figure out how to sell digital or physical products online, then this is the funnel for you!

What most digital marketers do when it comes to selling digital products is they send all their cold traffic directly to their sales page to make the sale…

Although this can work depending on your product and market, a lot of the time you either will have a low conversion rate or you won’t make enough money.

The good thing is, there is a better way to all of this.

A way where you can have increase leads, skyrocket conversion rates and multiply your average cart value.

Introducing the product sales funnel…

What is a Product Sales Funnel?

The Product Sales Funnel is available as a template when you Create Your Free Funnelytics Account.

The product sales funnels job is to qualify leads by offering them an irresistible low ticket item. After the lead has purchased the low ticket item and become a customer, you will offer them upsells and downsells to increase the average cart value.

The Front End Offer

The purpose of your low-ticket front end offer is to break-even on your ad spend.

This allows you to acquire new customers for free. Then you can ascend them up your value ladder of upsells and downsells where you will make the real money!

How to Create a Low-Ticket (Tripwire) Offer

  1. Identify your product or service that produces the most sales
  2. Create a “lite” or “do-it-yourself” version that you can sell at a low cost
  3. Alternatively you can sell a small piece of an existing product or service that stands well on its own

Turn leads into customers with the right tools

We’ve listed the top customer journey analytics software to create and optimize high-conversion funnels

The Upsell Offer

The purpose of the upsell offer is to maximize cart value and take advantage of the customers momentum.

They just made an impulse buy on your Front End Offer, and you want to keep that momentum going. This could be your core offer, or the next logical product in your sequence.

SIDENOTE: Offering a discount on this offer to reward the customer for taking action can often increase conversion rates.

Here are some ideas for how to structure an upsell:

  • Your core product/service
  • More of your core product at a significant discount
  • A full program related to your low-ticket offer
  • A one-time offer that they can only get after buying your low-ticket offer

The Downsell Offer

Sometimes your upsell offer might be too expensive or risky for the customer if this is their first time doing business with you.

To maximize cart value, it can be worth adding in a Downsell Offer for people that didn’t take your upsell.

Here are some ideas for a downsell

  • A payment plan on your upsell offer
  • A product that pairs with your tripwire well, that is a slightly higher price 
  • Another one of your trip-wire offers

Case Study: How Dollar Beard Club Generated 150,000 Monthly Subscriptions Using the Product Sales Funnel

Here is an example of what a successful product offering looks like from The Bear Club: The Dollar Beard Club is an exclusive club which is ONLY $1/mo to sign up (with the $1/mo you get beard oils delivered to your door).

This is an irresistible offer if you’re a dude with a beard and because it’s only $1. After someone clicks sign up, they upsell you with a variety of other beard products to help you out on your beard journey. The upsells on all the products can get someone paying as much as $57/mo. You can now see why this works…


  • Send cold traffic to a lead magnet or low cost product. The goal is to get a micro transaction to qualify them and recoup some ad spend.

  • Make your low-ticket item a no brainer purchase. This might require you to sell something for less than it is worth so that prospects have no option but to buy.

  • Put either your core offer or another higher priced item in front of purchasers. Capitalize on the momentum they have from their first impulse buy.

  • This can be used on cold traffic, but generally converts better when used later in the customer journey. Think of stacking this after the Lead Magnet Funnel.
The product sales funnel is one of the best sales funnel out there and if you can execute on this right… you’ll be able to 10x your sales overnight.

4. The Mini-Class Launch Funnel

🎯 Goal: Educate prospects about your product or service
🎯 Secondary Goal: Selling your products

If you’re launching a new product or service into the market, you’re going to NEED to implement this core funnel into your business…

What better way to pre-frame your audience and showcase what your product is all about with a mini-class launch funnel! (Also called a product launch formula made famous by Jeff Walker).

What is a Mini-Class Launch Funnel?

The Mini-Class Launch Funnel is available as a template when you Create Your Free Funnelytics Account.

The goal of the mini-class series is to educate prospects (mainly warm and hot leads) while at the same time selling your products.

The funnel is broken down into 4 parts…

Video 1  is called the “Wow + How” where you will talk about your big idea and show them how you and others are using this concept.

Video 2 is called the “Transformational Education” where you will take people behind the scenes and walk them through the process.

Video 3 is called “Ownership Experience” where you show the viewers what it’s like to have the end result.

Video 4, last but not least, this is where you make the offer and sell your product.

Case Study: How SamCart Used the Mini-Class Launch Funnel to Do a $1m Launch

As you can see, the guy’s from Sam Cart nailed the product launch formula setup which ended up making them over $1M in sales.

You can see their example video series here.

Video 1 is all about the “Wow + How” showing you how each fan brought them $15.42. 

Then with Video 2 they show you behind the scenes of how they were able to achieve this by revealing their funnel.

With Video 3 they showed how it worked for their business and how it was helping others.

And of course with the last video they pitched the offer which would teach you the exact system to replicate their results.

They also added social proof by enabling Facebook comments which is highly recommended.


  • Use this funnel with warm or hot prospects that you know will be interested in your product or service.

  • You will need to have social proof that your product or service has worked for others.

  • Your videos should be educational and/or entertaining.

  • Prospects should be forced to watch in sequential order.

  • Always close by making an offer to the audience.
If you are not comfortable on video, try using a Video Sales Letter and just record your voice over some presentation slides (showing your smiling face is always better though).

This funnel takes some time to set up due to the video recordings, but converts very well when done properly.

Ok, on to our last two funnels. If you sell high ticket items you are going to want to use one or both of these funnels in your stack!

5. The Webinar Funnel

🎯 Goal: High Ticket Sales

High ticket items are one of the hardest things to sell when it comes to digital marketing…

The problem being that it’s hard to get someone to pay you $1000+ if they don’t know who you are or what you’re about.

BUT… if you can solve this problem, you EASILY be able take your business to 7 figures and beyond.

So, how do you get someone to pull out their credit card and drop a crap load of money on your products/services?

You’re likely going to need a webinar funnel.

Of course, the power isn’t in the webinar itself but on how you execute on it.

Let’s dive in:

What is a Webinar Funnel?

The Webinar Funnel is available as a template when you Create Your Free Funnelytics Account.

The goal with the webinar funnel is to sell a high ticket offer by getting prospects to register for a webinar.

At the end of the webinar you would make them a special, limited time offer which would add scarcity and urgency.

This works REALLY well for medium to high ticket offerings ($500+) since your prospects are already investing a significant amount of time and energy by attending and sitting through your Webinar.

They are showing a high degree of interest in your content, and you are building a lot of authority throughout the presentation.

Your content needs to be very valuable to get people to stick around until your offer and you should expect that it will need some tweaking before you get your conversion rates where you want them.

Funnelytics vs Google Analytics: which do you need?

We compare both platforms in this guide- so you know which is best for your funnel tracking needs


Pre-Frame Your Webinar For Better Results. We learned this one personally from Frank Kern. Send 2 emails before your Webinar with links to videos that get registrants excited. These videos will have no call-to-action as their primary goal is to increase the likelihood registrants will attend and build more credibility before the webinar.

Case Study: Russell Brunson’s 3 Step Formula For A Successful Webinar

Russell Brunson is the king of funnels and has millions of dollars in sales using webinars so who better to model than him…
In this example, Russell uses a 3 step formula to sell his services with his webinar.

Part 1 is a simple into where he introduces himself, his subject and his credibility. The credibility part is very important.

Part 2 which is the meat of his webinar, Russell goes into the content. This is where he delivers on the value that he promised which he usually breaks down into 3 secrets revolving around the ONE thing. 

Part 3, after about 50-60 minutes, Russell transitions to his offering where he stacks multiple products together for one big offer related to the content he just delivered.

His content and offer are highly relevant to each other which makes his offer so much stronger. Structuring your content and offer could be (and probably will be) a whole post on it’s own, but right now I want to focus on the offer.

You can’t just offer your product or service at the end of your webinar. You need to create a big offer with additional bonuses and value, at a seemingly ridiculous price that gives your prospects almost no option except to buy. The offer is often the most important part of the Webinar and should have a lot of thought put into it.


  • Use the Webinar Funnel to sell higher ticket items

  • Try some of the other essential funnels before trying this one (see Mini-Class Product Launch Funnel, The Application Funnel)

  • Ensure your content is highly relevant to your offer

  • Make a big offer at the end of your Webinar
Though the Webinar Funnel can be highly profitable,  it is one of the more time consuming and expensive funnels to set up. We usually only recommend the Webinar Funnel to experienced Funnel Marketers or people who have high ticket items that are difficult to sell with any other funnel.

If you can replicate his formula in your business you should see an increase in your high ticket sales and skyrocket your revenue.

Our last funnel is a great one for coaches and consultants looking to close high ticket clients.

6. The Application Funnel

🎯 Goal: Schedule calls for a high ticket service offering

What do Coaches, Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Lawyers and Enterprise SaaS companies all have in common?

They tend to cost a lot of money 😂

If you or one of your clients offer a service like these or are charging $2000+ what is the best way to close these high ticket sales?

The answer is to use the Application Funnel.

The Application Funnel

The Application Funnel is available as a template when you Create Your Free Funnelytics Account.

The goal of the Application Funnel is to get your prospects to apply to schedule a call, demo, or in-person meeting with you to discuss your offering.

The reason we want them to apply, is because we want to qualify your prospect to make sure they are a good fit for your offering.

These types of prospects should always be closed with a call because

  1. It is unlikely they will be willing to invest in your service without speaking with you first
  2. You want an opportunity to qualify prospects before having a conversation with them
The general structure of an Application Funnel looks like this:
  1. Landing Page with Offer Video or Sales Letter
  2. CTA to Submit an application for a call
  3. Prospect answers qualifying questions in their application
  4. Prospects sees the Calendar depending on the answers to their qualifying questions
Your offer page will help pre-sell them before they ever get on a call with you, positioning you as the expert that they want to work with.

The application will ensure that you only speak with the most highly qualified prospects for your service so that you aren’t wasting your time on sales calls that won’t turn into sales.

Case Study: How a High Ticket PPC Consultant Uses the Application Funnel to Qualify Prospects

Engagement Video before Starting Application (nice touch)
Nicholas Kusmich is a high ticket Facebook Advertising consultant with multiple service offerings.

When you check out his Sales Page you can see that he has a combination of Done For You and Done With You Services.

All of the Done For You services have an “Apply Here” button.

This takes you into an application survey where he asks you questions like:

  • What is your annual revenue and profit?
  • A description of your business
  • Why do you want to work with Nic?
  • What would a successful look like for you?
  • Where do you need help most?
  • Are you currently running paid advertising?
  • Have you invested in Coaching, events, FB Ads, etc. over the past 12 months and roughly how much
  • How much are you willing to invest if Nic can drastically help you?
  • How motivated are you to hit your goals between 1 and 10?
  • Any other details you would like to provide?
There are over 10 questions in Nic’s application…Do you see how detailed he gets when qualifying prospects?

He is also getting information about what success looks like to you, how much money you are willing to pay and how motivated you are. These will all help him close you when he gets on the phone with you.

How does it make you feel that you need to apply for his services? Does he come across as more of an authority because he is picking and choosing who he works with? Does this make you want to work with him more or less?


  • If you sell products/services for $2000+, close with a call

  • Use a VSL or Sales letter on your offer page to pre-sell prospects

  • Force prospects to apply with qualifying questions

  • Only allow calendar bookings for qualified prospects
By combining this funnel with the Lead Magnet or Survey Funnels, you can turn cold traffic into warm leads, that eventually  become highly qualified prospects for you service.

Visualize your full customer journey with Funnelytics

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By combining and stacking these 6 Essential Funnels, you will be able to come up with a solution to sell any product or service online.

Keep an eye out the next time you are in someones funnel, and see if you can spot which of these funnels they are using.

If you have an Essential Funnel that you think we missed or more examples of some of these, please add them in the comments!

(NOTE: Each one of these 6 Essential Funnels is available as a template when you Create Your Free Funnelytics Account. Piece them together to create new funnels, then share them with your clients and/or teammates to help them understand your vision.)


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