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Are you struggling with acquiring leads for your business?

Acquiring leads is the most important part of your business yet a lot of digital marketers out there tend to miss out on this part…

What all digital marketers need to understand is that:

More leads = More customers = More mula

Key Takeaways

  • A lead magnet funnel enables you to acquire leads by giving away a free resource in exchange for an email address or contact information.
  • After acquiring the lead, you can increase their value by making them an offer.
  • Common lead magnets include PDFs, videos, and other downloadable resources.
  • The best lead magnets solve a problem, can be consumed quickly, and attract the right customers to your funnel.

What is a lead magnet funnel?

A lead magnet funnel is simply a funnel where you acquire leads by giving away something in exchange for their email address. It could be done in the form of a video or a report or whatever you’d like, as long as you get them to exchange it for their email address.

Here is what your typical lead magnet funnel will look something like:

Side note: If you want to have this funnel template inside Funnelytics to map your own funnels, make sure to create your free account HERE.

You need to make sure though that your lead magnet will attract your ideal customer because the goal, after acquiring the lead, is to make them an offer and ascend them up your value ladder…

The goal with the lead magnet is to agitate the problem for the viewer or educate them on some process or idea relating to your business. Essentially you are trying to pre-frame them and get them in the right mindset before seeing your offering.

How to get 35k+ leads in less than 60 days

Here is an example of what a successful lead magnet looks like:

Checkout their landing page here:

This lead magnet helped Digital Marketer generate 35k+ leads in 60 days…

Now let’s quickly dive on into why this worked so well for them:

Solves a problem: The Facebook Ad Template library is a copy and paste solution for digital marketers who struggle with Facebook ads

Can be quickly consumed: This lead magnet offers immediate gratification since it offers them a solution that they can implement into their business ASAP.

Attracts dream client: Digital Marketer offers a variety of high end digital marketing courses (including Facebook ads) so of course this lead magnet would attract those who want to learn more about Facebook ads.

The lead magnet funnel is the simpliest and easiest funnel to execute on…

If you can master this right you will be able to bring in a boat load of high-quality leads into your business so that when the timing is right, you can make them your offer…

Remember, more leads equals more customers which always equals more mula.

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