How To Segment Leads Using The Survey Funnel

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A BIG reason why most businesses fail is not because the product sucks…

Well, sometimes…

But because businesses are offering their products to the WRONG audience.

You can have the best product offering in the world, but if you market it to the wrong group of people, it’s just going to bomb and you’re not going to make any money.

This is why it’s so crucial to make sure your product is properly marketed to the RIGHT audience.

So how do you make sure each and every one of your products are relevant and targeted to the INDIVIDUAL’S needs?

It all has to do with the survey funnel.

If you have multiple products and you want to make sure each product is targeted then you’re going to NEED this survey funnel.

What is a survey funnel?

The goal with the survey funnel is to acquire leads by surveying visitors. With the survey you will be able to segment them and offer them relevant offers based on the information they provided.

With the survey, you would want to agitate the problem that your business solves for them, just like the lead magnet funnel.

How this simple calculator helped IIFYM bring in $5k a day

Here is an example of a successful ‘survey’:

Checkout their website at:

This simple calculator helps IIFYM bring in around $5k a day…

IIFYM uses a calculator in this case to segment their visitors based on their sex and their fitness goals so that later on in the funnel they can offer them relevant offers that solves their specific problems.

What they also did well was agitate the problem through the calculator. By getting them to write down their current weight and their goal weight, it will get them in the right frame of mind for change and get them thinking of the results they want… This is where IIIFYM will come in a solve their problems.

So to summarize, if you have multiple products that cater to different audiences, it is crucial that you segment your leads making sure that each product resonates and solves their specific needs.

Master this survey funnel and you will be able to take your business to a whole new level.

If you want to map out your own funnels (just like this survey one), make sure to check out our free mapping tool at

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