How Do Emails Contribute to Form Submissions?

This playbook will help you make sense of how and why email campaigns contribute to form submissions on your website.

5 minutes
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The Problem

Let’s say your boss wants to visually see how the emails your company sends contribute to form submissions.

Using Google Analytics is a pain because you can’t just select individual emails or campaigns without digging, or measure whether they directly or indirectly contributed to a form submission (i.e. whether they went to the form directly, or took steps between).

The Solution

Using Funnalytics, simply map out your emails onto the canvas and connect it to a ‘form submission’ icon. You can even segment this form with just the click of a button, in order to understand how each individual email contributes to specific responses.

Put It Into Practice

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, why not try it yourself? Learn how to apply this and a myriad of other use cases to your own business by signing up for Funnelytics Performance today!

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