How Does Organic Traffic Contribute to Form Submissions?

This playbook will help you make sense of how and why organic traffic contributes to form submissions on your website, broken down by campaign.

5 minutes
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The Problem

Your boss wants to know how organic traffic, such as YouTube, social media, and organic search, helps drive form submissions on your site.

Using Google Analytics for this is a hassle, since you really have to dig deep to pull out that information. It’s not visual at all, so you’ll have to take time turning it into a visual representation—such as a slide deck—and then attach your insights or presentation notes.

The Solution

Using Funnelytics, simply take the standard icons and connect them to the form submission. You can even segment this form with just the click of a button, in order to understand how each source contributes to individual responses.

Grab the Playbook for Yourself

Download the following example to your Funnelytics canvas by clicking the button below. After that, simply plug in your data and sources, and begin tracking your site’s form submissions through organic traffic.

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