How Does Video Length Contribute to Form Submissions?

This playbook will help you make sense of how your audience interacts with your videos, which ultimately contributes to form submissions on your site.

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The Problem

Your company just created a lengthy video that showcases your brand, the product, and how it will change your customers’ lives. But you don’t know if people are watching it, or if it’s contributing to more form submissions than if they didn’t watch it altogether.

You can’t use Google Analytics or spreadsheets, since video views aren’t tied to individual people and aren’t attached to journeys.

The Solution

Using Funnelytics, you can even go granular, and see how far into the video people watched. Got a CTA at the end of your video, but only 5% of your audience watched up until that point? Now you can take actionable steps to get the most out of your content.

Put It Into Practice

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, why not try it yourself? Learn how to apply this and a myriad of other use cases to your own business by signing up for Funnelytics Performance today!

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