How to implement advanced tracking in Funnelytics in less than 3 minutes

This playbook will help you set up basic and advanced tracking within Funnelytics in less than 3 minutes (give or take!)

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The Problem

You’ve just signed up for Funnelytics Performance and you want to set up tracking for your sources!

Using tools like google analytics or your run-of-the mill page builder “analytics” tool is not going to cut it. Tracking can be complicated, especially in today’s world. 

To install advanced tracking within any data platform often requires knowledge of javascript, html and CSS.  A headache if you don’t have programming knowledge!

The Solution

With Funnelytics, you can simply take our base script and install them across all of your pages to get up and going in no time.  This is basic tracking, and doing that alone, will give you an extremely bountiful amount of insights.  But if you want to take your tracking to another level and track things like Scroll depth, time of length on page, link clicks, etc, you can do that too! This is what we refer to as Advanced Tracking. 

The catch?  It takes about three more minutes to do.  We’ve got you covered.  Just head over to our help desk and check out this easy tutorial. You can download our pre-built container and import it into your instance of Google Tag Manager.  Follow the 3 minute video above for detailed visual instructions and voila!

Put It Into Practice

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, why not try it yourself? Learn how to apply this and a myriad of other use cases to your own business by signing up for Funnelytics Performance today!

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