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Funnelytics Performance

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Up to 25,000 people tracked per month

1 Workspace


billed monthly

Up to 25,000 people tracked per month

Plan and measure your customer journeys by tracking sources and pages

Track & Visualize Simple On-site Journeys


Starts at 100,000 people tracked per month

3 Workspaces


billed monthly

Starts at 100,000 people tracked per month

Analyze advanced engagement and conversion actions across your site

Track & Visualize Advanced On-Site Journeys

Visualize how people flow through your site and the traffic sources that brought them

Visualize how actions taken on your site contribute to leads and purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions

At the core, Funnelytics Performance is the same across all plans. With all 3 plans you can overlay analytics on top of your customer journey map. The core difference is how much of the journey you can visualize, how many people you can track, and the support level we offer.

Performance Lite is a simple one-code install that allows you to see the traffic sources that people come from and the pages that they visit. You can track up to 25,000 people profiles per month and we offer on-demand training and support.

Performance Plus allows you to track more complex on-site actions like videos, button clicks, scroll, form submissions and purchases using Google Tag Manager. You can track up to 100,000 people profiles per month (with additional tracking packages available), and we offer premium support.

Performance Max allows you to pass any data into the Funnelytics canvas using webhooks and custom Event Processor. You can track up to 1,000,000 people profiles per month (with additional tracking packages available), and we offer a done for you service.

Performance Lite is simple and quick to set up. It involves a one-code install and you’ll be collecting data in a matter of minutes.

Performance Plus requires javascript and Google Tag Manager knowledge. We have many pre-built containers for you to leverage or you can hire our team to get you set up in a few days.

Performance Max requires a technical audit and setup times vary depending on tech stack. Contact us and we’ll give you a proper estimate.

The data is pulled directly from your sites and pages through our tracking script, providing you with insights you can trust. We value privacy and security — and we’re fully GDPR-compliant to prove it.

GA4 is adopting similar people-centric tracking technology that we’ve been doing for years. We collect similar data, but our platform lets you visualize performance, while GA4 user journey reports and insights still requires you to analyze charts and dashboards. With Funnelytics, you can manipulate data and understand performance by simply dragging and dropping icons on a canvas in a way that everyone understands.

Channel attribution gives you insights into how to distribute your ad spend across platforms, but doesn’t tell you what happens in between. Funnelytics provides this crucial data so you can generate more revenue from your existing traffic, without spending more on ads.

First off, congrats for already expecting to grow your traffic volume. That’s the goal, right? We will never penalize you for growing your business.

When you go over your plan’s limit, we’ll automatically upgrade it to the next level. Your account won’t skip a beat. You’ll continue gathering data and tracking the people that come to your site.

Absolutely! We’ll guide your team on exactly what to implement, continually analyze your funnel performance, and provide a list of prioritized action items and opportunities.

Your team will have full access to our Funnelytics Hub where we house all our training videos.

We don’t offer a free trial for Funnelytics Performance because we work with you over time to integrate the platform into your business, and train your team on the frameworks to help identify bottlenecks and make the right data-driven decisions.

That said, we are in the business of helping you get results, which is why all of our plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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