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  • Collaborate with Team and Clients
  • Forecast the success of your funnels
  • Collect lead, customer and revenue data
  • Track actions people take on your pages (clicks, video views, etc)
  • Visualize the paths people take to become a lead or customer
  • Compare forecasts to real data to make better decisions

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How We Calculate Pro Pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of unique people that have been tracked in your current billing cycle across all Workspaces. Everyone starts at the base tier (whether you pay monthly or annually)

Annual Pricing

Tracking Limit
Up to 300,000/yr
Up to 600,000/yr
Up to 1,200,000/yr
Up to 3,000,000/yr
Up to 6,000,000/yr
Up to 12,000,000/yr
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Monthly Pricing

Tracking Limit
0 to 25k/mo
25k to 50k/mo
50k to 100k/mo
100k to 250k/mo
250k to 500k/mo
500k to 1m/mo
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We have a usage based pricing model. That means that all Pro monthly plans start at the base tier which allows you to track up to 25,000 people per month at a base fee of $99.

If you exceed 25,000 tracked people you will be moved up to the next tracking tier. At the end of the month, you will be billed based on the usage tier you are in.

Usage resets at the beginning of every month so that you are only billed for what you use.

Please see the usage tiers table above for reference and check out the “Billing Example” below.


We use a high watermark pricing model. All Pro yearly plans start at the base price of $990/yr which allows you to track up to 300,000 people over your 12 month billing cycle.

If you exceed 300,000 tracked people you will be moved up to the next tracking tier and charged the difference.

Please see the usage tiers table above for reference and check out the “Billing Example” below.


  • Jane pays $99 on January 1st
  • Between January 1st and February 1st Jane tracks 23,000 people
  • Jane is billed the base fee of $99 on February 1st as her usage was in the base tier of 0 to 25k tracked people.
  • Between February 1st and March 1st Jane tracks 28,000 people and and enters the 25k to 50k usage tier.
  • On March 1st Jane will be billed $149 for the additional usage.
  • Jane’s usage resets on March 1st.
  • Between March 1st and April 1st Jane tracks 18,000 people
  • Jane is billed the base fee of $99 on April 1st as her usage was in the base tier of 0 to 25k tracked people


  • John pays $990 on January 1st
  • It takes 6 Months for John to track their limit of 300,000 people
  • John is upgraded to the next tracking tier ($1,490/yr) allowing them to track up to 600,000 people for the remainder of the billing cycle
  • John will be billed $500 ($1,490 – $990 = $500) on the day they are upgraded
  • At the start of their next billing cycle (January 1st), John will be charged $1,490 

Unlike other analytics platforms, Funnelytics associates a unique identifier with each person that triggers our tracking script.

When a person returns to your site that we’ve already identified in the past, they are not counted against your tracking limit. So if person X returns to your site 10 times, they will only be counted once.

*Note: If a person uses a different device or clears their cookies, we may not be able to identify them as a previously tracked person. In this case, they will be counted against your tracking limit.

About Workspaces

Workspaces contain funnels, collaborators, a single tracking script, and other settings. It is best practice to have one Workspace per business entity. Why use workspaces?


1) Separating Tracking Data

Tracking data lives at the Workspace level. Each Workspace has it’s own tracking script and settings. If you want to keep data separated, you should create a new Workspace and use the new tracking script.


A good example is tracking a client’s website or funnel.


2) Managing Collaborator Permissions

Collaborators are managed at the Workspace level. Once invited, Collaborators can View or Edit all funnels in a Workspace (depending on the permissions you give them).


3) Working With Clients

It is best practice to have a separate Workspace for each client’s business. Especially if you will be tracking their funnel, or adding the clients to the Workspace as a Collaborator.


If you were to manage all clients in a single Workspace, you may unintentionally be exposing clients funnels to other Collaborators.

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