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Current Number of Founding Members

(Last Updated February 14, 2019)

From idea to 62,018 users in under 12 months...

1 year ago (on Dec 7, 2017) I officially told people about the Funnelytics Mapping tool… what a crazy year it’s been!

Back then it was just me and Alexey building out this idea.

One year later, we have over 60,000 people who signed up for the mapping tool, 4 full time developers (in our office) and 7 other full time people to serve you better and help market our product.

We have a massive vision for the future of our company.

And because of our amazing growth, and the support of the Founding members, we’re doing one final LIFETIME promotion and will be closing off access to our Founding Members when it ends.

If you’re here now, then you are one of the lucky few who have the opportunity to become a Founding Member of Funnelytics. Once you make the decision, you’ll get access to exclusive rewards for taking action and will have life-time access to the Funnelytics Pro tool.

For most marketers, it can take months (even years) to learn how to properly map, track and optimize their sales funnel.

Every new tool that you add to your process is just one more headache you have to juggle…

Google Analytics, Clickfunnels, ConvertKit, HotJar, Improvely… They’re all fantastic tools, but they don’t give you a birds-eye view of what’s happening with your marketing.

That’s where Funnelytics comes in to save the day.

Watch this demo to discover how Funnelytics helps you optimize your sales funnels!

The Secret Sauce Behind Funnelytics...

Instantly track how people are flowing through your funnel

1. Map

Use the Funnelytics Drag-and-drop canvas to map the steps of your funnel, and then connect the dots with just a few clicks

2. Track

Define your goals and set tracking links so that Funnelytics can identify which ads and sources give you the best ROI.

3. Analyze

See how people flow from your ads, to your landing page, to your sales sequence with our visual analytics tool. You can easily find the holes and optimize your most profitable paths.

Next Level Analytics

We studied all of the major funnel-building and analytic programs, and then developed Funnelytics Pro as the solution to the obvious gap in the market.

You need to see where you’re losing money, to make money.

Unlimited Funnels

Goal & Conversion Tracking

Cross Domains

One Code Installs

Email Tracking

Ad Tracking

Training Videos

PDF & PNG Export

Customer Profiles

Cross Devices


ROI Reports

Coming Soon

FB Integration

Coming Soon

Split Testing

Coming Soon

Heat Mapping

Coming Soon

Attribution Reports

Coming Soon

We think we are pretty awesome, but don't take our word for it.

I currently use SIX analytics tools and I have to hire multiple people to help me interpret what’s happening.

Funnelytics is saving me time and headaches by giving me ONE visual tool to see what’s happening with my traffic and funnels

Anthony Collova
If It Fits Your Macros


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The Investment

Since you were one of our initial members for the Funnelytics software… we want to offer you a deal that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the year.

We’re offering LIFETIME ACCESS to Funnelytics Pro for $595

You get unlimited funnels, unlimited traffic, and unlimited access to our analytic features… Forever.


  • Funnel Mapping
  • 10 Funnels
  • PDF & PNG Exports
  • Training Videos
  • Goal & Conversion Tracking
  • ROI Reports*
  • Customer Profiles
  • Email Tracking
  • Ad Tracking
  • FB Integration*
  • Split Tests*
  • Heat Mapping*
  • Collaborate*


  • Funnel Mapping
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • PDF & PNG Exports
  • Training Videos
  • Goal & Conversion Tracking
  • ROI Reports*
  • Customer Profiles
  • Email Tracking
  • Ad Tracking
  • FB Integration*
  • Split Tests*
  • Heat Mapping*
  • Collaborate

Get Instant Access to These Founding Member Bonuses

These bonuses are ONLY available if you join Funnelytics Pro as a Founding Member.
(Remember, we're closing this once we reach 2,000 members.)

Lifetime Unlimited Traffic - $10,000+ Value

You get unlimited traffic across all of your funnels. When we launch to the public our pricing will be tiered based on traffic volumes… it will start at $195/month and go up depending on the amount of traffic that you generate for your funnels.

As a Beta member you get LIFETIME access and unlimited traffic. We will never charge you again, no matter how famous you get.

Funnelytics Vault - $2,000 Value

A database of proven funnels that you can model and add directly into your Funnelytics account. You'll get a breakdown of the funnels for all types of industries and offers. It’s as if I funnel-hacked all of the top funnels out there, and then categorized them.

You can search "Book Funnel" or "Russell Brunson" or "Real Estate" or “Webinar”... Whatever you’re selling, you get examples of funnels that you can model.

Expert Spotlight Insider - $1,497 Value

An Insider's view of the EXCLUSIVE interviews that Funnelytics staff hosts with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. You also get access to the key takeaways from each interview as well as the major lessons that were learned.

The interviews are with successful business owners from almost ANY business in ANY industry.

Zero to $200K Webclass - $2,000 Value

The EXACT, step-by-step breakdown of how we launched the initial BETA group of Funnelytics and generated over $208,000 and 300 customers in less than 48 hours

... All with less than $10,000 in ad spend and ZERO affiliates.

This process can be applied to ANY business in ANY industry.

Access to the Behind The Scenes Group - Priceless

As a member of the Funnelytics Pro Founding Members group, I am going to be giving you a behind the scenes look at how we are growing this software business. We are going to share the good and the bad of scaling Funnelytics, including the ads, the funnels we set up, the ROI, the mistakes and hurdles we make.

You will have a major influence in the direction of the business because we will be working with you directly to improve the software.

Featured On Founding Members Page - Priceless

As a member of the initial Funnelytics Pro Founding Member group, You'll have your name forever ingrained on our Founding Member page. This page will only host the names of those that supported Funnelytics from the beginning, up until the Founding Member launch

You will forever be recognized as a early adopter and believer in Funnelytics. This is our way of sincerely thanking you.

Founding Members T-Shirt - Limited Edition

As a Funnelytics Founding Member, you'll receive your own limited edition T-shirt reserved for only the Founding Members.

You may feel 10 times smarter wearing this t-shirt but please keep in mind that this shirt will not give you superpowers

Total Value: $20,000+

Warning: these bonuses are only available for the founding members pro group.


Current Number of Founding Members

(Last Updated February 14, 2019)

Try Funnelytics Pro Risk Free!

Funnelytics Pro is currently in Beta. Your purchase of Funnelytics Pro gives you lifetime access to the software with a 30-day money back guarantee.


We provide a 30 day refund guarantee as long as you show us that you tried to implement for your business. The feedback is invaluable to us and we are here to help. We are in beta after-all.

For full details of our refund policy, please see our Terms of Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Funnelytics uses UTM links in order to track all of your traffic. The UTM link allow you to see which source and medium the traffic is coming from as well as which campaign directed them there.
To install Funnelytics Pro onto your website, all you need to do is simply copy and past one peice of code before the tag on your site,
Funnelytics Pro does not integrate with any other software at the moment since all the tracking is done from UTM links (which is alot more convenient). We are currently working on integration with all of the main platforms out there; from your email autoresponders to your payment providers and everything in between.

Yes, Funnelytics Pro shows you everything you need to know about revenue; from the revenue made from each step of your funnel to the entire campaign. We currently do not integrate with your cart… we are working on this for the near future. What you can do now though is set goals on specific pages and add the price for each of your products.

For example, let’s say you sell a $47 product – what you would do is set a goal for all people coming from the sales page to your order confirmation page. And then, every person who visits the order confirmation page will be assigned a $47 value. This will have the same affect as integrating with your cart.

Yes x3, Funnelytics Pro tracks everything you need to know about your marketing funnel including:

  • Ad traffic (Clicks)
  • Ad spend (Cost)
  • Landing page traffic (Visitors)
  • Landing page conversions (Leads/Sales)
  • Revenue
  • ROI (Profit)
  • Email traffic
  • Email ROI

No, Funnelytics is a mapping and analytics tool which allows you to map our your entire marketing funnel and then track/analyse how people flow through it.

At the moment, we are working on adding the split test feature to enable you to run split tests with your emails and your landing pages… So, beta members will have access to running split tests but the feature is not live yet.

Yes, you can share all of your funnels with your clients. All you need to do is save your funnel to a PNG file and you will be able to share it with anyone.

At the moment, we are working on adding share capabilities with your analytics so that you will be able to easily show your clients, in a nice and professional way, the reporting behind their funnels. Beta members will also have access to this feature as well.

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