The First Funnel Mapping & Analytics Tool Built By Marketers, For Marketers

Funnelytics is your new secret weapon for mapping funnels, calculating the stats that will make them profitable, and delivering results that are backed by clear, easy-to-read data.

Ryan Martin, Marketer

This software is AMAZING! Such an easy-to-use tool to map out and quickly identify the roadblocks in my marketing funnels. With Funnelytics, I was able to see my customer journey data in real-time and make changes to my strategy to increase my ROI and ROAS!


The 3-Step Funnelytics Framework

1. Map Your Funnel Strategy

Start from scratch or tweak a proven funnel template – our intuitive funnel mapping tool is your new secret weapon for planning, presenting and selling to clients.

Mapping is FREE with the Funnelytics Starter Plan

2. Set Goals & Plan Your Profit

Never launch without clear targets again. Use Forecasting to create concrete marketing goals and calculate your ROI – before you even start to build.

3. Deliver RESULTS, Not Spreadsheets

Track how people are flowing through your funnel, what’s making money, what’s losing money and know AT A GLANCE if you’re hitting your goals.

Access the Funnelytics Vault

We hacked some of the Internet’s most successful funnels from some of the biggest names in marketing… and turned them into funnel maps you can ethically steal with a single click.


Funnelytics Helps You Every Step of the Way

Team & Client Workspaces

Every account comes with a workspace for your team to keep your canvases organized. Pro accounts allow you to add Client Workspaces with canvases too!

Drag-n-Drop Canvas

Give your prospects that “AHA!” moment by mapping out the exact funnel you are going to build.

Basic Funnel Templates

Hit the ground running with one of our 6 standard funnel templates so you can start mapping and customizing your funnel fast.

Funnelytics Vault

We hacked 50+ of the highest converting funnels of all time for you to use for your next launch. Includes pre-built templates for each funnel.

Notes & Checklists

Add notes and checklists to each step of your funnel map to keep everyone on the same page.


Add team members and clients as collaborators and keep everyone on the same page.


Calculate key stats before you build your funnel to make sure the numbers work. Compare to your real data for easier optimization.

KPI Reporting

Forget complex reports and spreadsheets. Easily see the key metrics and results that you and your clients care about.

Visual Conversion Paths

See conversion rates between pages and users actions directly on your funnel map, not a column in a spreadsheet.

Understand User Actions

Whether it's purchases, watching a video, completing a form, clicking a specific button, etc. you can track it.

Lead Profiles

Pass customer data from your order/opt-in forms and track individual customer journeys through your funnel.

Email & Ad Results

Show your clients which emails, ads and traffic sources are producing the most revenue. Be a data-driven marketer.

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Common Questions

Is Funnelytics right for my business?

There are so many ways to use the tool to your benefit, whether you offer marketing services (freelance work, agency owner), are a coach/consultant, or a marketing manager for a company.... you can leverage the powerful functionalities for your business specifically.

Does Funnelytics work with other tools?

You can use Funnelytics™ with your favourite tools like ActiveCampaign, LeadPages, Clickfunnels, and more! Just easily install the Funnelytics™ Tracking Script across any platform and visualize the numbers immediately

How long will it take to setup my funnel & analytics?

This depends on how complex your funnel is, as it will take time to map. However, when it comes to analyzing your data, all you have to do is flip a switch.

How soon will I start seeing my data?

As soon as you install the Funnelytics script, we’ll start gathering and showcasing your data for you.

Does Funnelytics display live data?

Yes, we do! Although you can simulate the flow of your funnels - the real power of Funnelytics is that you can track real people going through your funnels and compare your forecast with the real numbers. From the moment you install the tracking script, you will be able to pull accurate, live data with the click of the 'Analyze' button!

How does Funnelytics track site visitors & conversions?

We use UTM links in order to help you track all the traffic in your funnels. The UTM links allow you to see which source and medium the traffic is coming from as well as which campaign directed them there.

What is the difference between Funnelytics and Google Analytics

Funnelytics is focused on analyzing and optimizing marketing funnels. Google Analytics is designed to give you stats about your website - not how people flow through your site and become customers. Yes, you can see "funnels" in GA, but when it comes to analyzing and optimizing funnels, Funnelytics is on another level.
Check out this post for an in-depth article on Funnelytics vs GA

Can I build my pages and send emails with Funnelytics?

No. Funnelytics is not a page builder or an email auto-responder. Instead, we integrate with your existing tools to give you a big picture view of how your funnels are performing

Do you offer a free trial to Funnelytics Pro?

You can use our free mapping tool to get a feel for Funnelytics, however, for PRO, we do not offer free trials at this time. We do have a 14 day Satisfaction Guarantee with our Pro plans – please check out our Terms of Service for more details. If you have any questions and/or would like to speak to a team member before purchasing, feel free to send us a note at!

Are you ready to plan profitable funnels and deliver data-driven results for your clients?

Finally, a visual funnel mapping & analytics tool that was built by funnel marketers, for funnel marketers.


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