Sep 29th, 2018 [8:39 AM EST] – On Saturday morning we were hit with a MAJOR spike in traffic from one site, which has caused massive stress on our servers. We are working diligently to fix this as soon as possible.

Some of the features this may be affecting:

• Server Timeout Error when saving your funnels

• Analytics taking a very long time to load, sometimes not loading at all.

• Funnels not loading when you open the canvas.


We are working as quickly as possible to permanently fix this.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Aug 23rd, 2018 [7:24 PM EST] – Product Updates:

• Client Sub-Accounts (project-wide permissions)

• Fixed Referrer List

• New Funnel Step Toolbar

• Faster Analytics for people with high-traffic funnels (Some analytics may take 2-5 minutes to load).

• UI Changes

• You no longer need to click save in the dropdown. Simply click the big green save button!

Some bugs that have appeared:

• Server Timeout Error when there is a direct arrow pointing to a traffic icon

• Date Range Selector shows the day before and the day after

• “Generate Thumbnail” is currently not working

The next update is scheduled for Monday, August 27th to address these bugs. Please send us a message in the live chat or email with any issues that you are having.

July 11, 2018 [12:05 PM EST] – When actions were introduced there were a number of bugs that were identified:

In the KPI bar:

• Sales numbers are being displayed even though no sales goals or actions have been set up.

• Sales numbers are not showing up even though a sales goal or action has been set up

On the canvas:

• Sometimes there is a bug tracking from a traffic icon to a page

• The referrers tab does not always display right away if at all

• Sometimes page to page tracking does not work

Updates are being worked on and the majority of the current problems are expected to be resolved within the next 2 weeks

June 20, 2018 [10:10 PM EST]  We’ve been pushing out fixes for the new analytics over the past two weeks. We’ve resolved most of these issues by now, but if you’re still experiencing problems, please clear your cache and try again. We’re working through some edge cases that are coming in, but we’ve found that a lot of these issues have been caused by having an older version of the application in our users’ cache.

If clearing your cache didn’t resolve your issue, please send in a support ticket with a short description of the issue you’re experiencing and the name of the funnel which you’re having trouble with. 

As of now, these are bugs which we’ve provided a fix for.

– Populating list of referrers in the side panel

– Fixed the UTM “Copy Link” function

– Fixed sum of visitors

– Fixed list of users in the side panel

– Fixed highlighting of user paths

– Fixed goals

––The Funnelytics Team

June 15, 2018 [10:27 AM EST]  We’ve resolved our server issues by dividing up our application and spreading it across several servers. This will help enhance stability of our infrastructure and ensure that issues with analytics, tracking, or general dashboard features will no longer conflict with others.

Now that the server issues have been resolved, we will be getting back to fixing analytic bugs. This process should go by a little more quickly now that our server issues has been taken care of. We estimate these will get resolved by this weekend.

We appreciate your patience!

––The Funnelytics Team

June 14, 2018 [8:03 PM EST]  We’ve been experiencing some server issues in the past couple days. These issues have been interfering with things such as the ability to login, view projects, and save funnels. We’re close to a resolution and should have this out to you tomorrow. Another update will be posted as soon as it is resolved. 

Thank you for your patience!

––The Funnelytics Team

June 12, 2018 [4:19 PM EST]  Due to our June 9th update, our servers are currently being overloaded which is causing a major slowdown. This is the reason some users have been unable (or it’s taken a while) to login, view projects/ funnels, analytics, etc. Our developers are working very hard to fix this ASAP. We are expecting this to be resolved by the end of the week (if not, sooner!).

Thank you for your patience!

––The Funnelytics Team

June 11, 2018 [5:04 PM EST]  We are aware of these bugs that have occurred due to our June 9th update, we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. Please check back on this page for updates!

  • Analytics not showing up
  • UTM not showing up in the URL

Thank you for your patience!

––The Funnelytics Team

June 11, 2018 [2:30 PM EST]  We are currently experiencing technical issues with our login.
One of our servers is running slow. It will most likely sort itself out in a bit. If you’re still experiencing issues in a few hours, please submit a support ticket through the Funnelytics Messenger.

Thank you for your patience!

––The Funnelytics Team

June 9, 2018 [4:23 PM EST]  New Analytics + Actions Update!

We pushed out the analytics improvements and actions today. We hope to see drastic performance improvements with the statistics on everyones’ funnels. Although, a lot of code has been refactored to achieve this, so there may be bugs. Please send any of these to Alexey ( We’ll be working to get them resolved as soon as possible throughout next week.

Thank you for your patience!

––The Funnelytics Team