Save More Time with Funnelytics™ Templates

Funnelytics was founded to make marketing & sales funnels as simple as possible – and that includes creating new funnels! With our templates, it’s simple to duplicate & share funnels so you and your team can save time on building them out. 

Saving Your Funnel as a Template

So, you have a funnel that you’re excited about – you can save it as a template and reuse it – or, more importantly build on top of what’s already working!

Testing new ads, funnels, and copy is key to any marketing campaign. By using templates – test new landing pages, ads, or flows in an existing campaign. Your templates are conveniently saved in a folder on the canvas, so all you have to do is drag and drop them onto your project and you’re ready to start editing!

Sharing Your Templates

Want to share with team members, friends, or clients? We have you covered.

All you have to do is copy the link and send it to whoever needs access! This allows them to use your template as a base for their own funnels. Please note that sharing your funnel creates a replica of it, which then can be share with someone. The user you share the funnel with must also have a Funnelytics account in order to accept the template and view it in their dashboard.

Export as PNG

The #1 piece of feedback we get from our clients is that Funnelytics has improved the quality of their presentations! Impress your boss, teammates, and clients by showing them exactly what you’re doing, and how it’s performing without having to dive into the technical marketing jargon.

Here’s how to do it! First, go to the drop down from the save menu and select ‘Export as PNG’, and then save the file to your computer! (It will also show up in the downloads folder of your internet browser). It’s that easy!

Note: PNG exports will export with a transparent background and only works with Google Chrome

Not sure where to start? Check out our 6 free templates in the Funnelytics Vault – you can add them directly to your projects!

If you have any questions about saving or sharing your funnels, reach out to our support team via the in-app chat bubble! 💬


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