14 Ways Funnelytics is More Than Just a Funnel Mapping Tool

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You probably found Funnelytics looking for an easy-to-use tool to map out your marketing funnels. But Funnelytics is capable of so much more than that…

When the idea of our tool was first born, the goal was to solve a major problem in the marketing industry””and it wasn’t to map funnels more easily (though we did solve that).

Funnel mapping was just part of the problem (PowerPoint, Google Drawings, Draw.io 😭). The true problem that Funnelytics was built to solve was this one.

Digital Marketer trying to understand his web analytics. I must say, he is quite calm.

Did you guess correctly?

The problem Funnelytics aims to solve is the frustration thousands of marketers face everyday trying to track and understand the success of their marketing funnels.

No more charts, no more graphs, just one tool that shows you the information that you care about ”” visually.

So we built a tool around 3 core functions and aimed to make each of them as people-friendly as possible:

  1. Map your funnels fast
  2. Track your traffic accurately
  3. Analyze your results easily

Let me show what we’ve built to help you Map, Track and Analyze your marketing efforts easier than ever before, and how our features will have a massive impact on your business success.

Mapping Your Way to More Profitable Funnels

Like most of our community, you probably initially came in for our Free Mapping tool…which is awesome!

We’ve been actively developing our free tool, and will continue to do so because we want to have the #1 funnel mapping tool in the world (forever!). It’s also important to us that it is super easy to use, so let me walk you through some of the new features so that you can master this tool FAST.

1. Keeping Things Visual

It is really easy to get started adding pages and traffic source icons to your funnel canvas.

Just open the left side-bar, find the icon you want, and drag that puppy onto the canvas!

Easy right? Well I want to show you something REALLY awesome that is going to help you map your funnel even FASTER.

It’s called the link wheel.

2. Map Funnels in Minutes with Link Wheel

Prior to August 2019, you had to drag all of your pages and icons into the canvas from the left sidebar. What were we thinking! Now, it’s easy to map out funnels insanely fast for that last minute meeting or pitch. Check it out:

How awesome is that? With link wheel you can:

  • Quickly generate a page from existing pages on the canvas
  • Create “Action” links to indicate user actions between pages
  • Choose from 7 different action types

How impressive are you going to look when you construct a funnel live in front of your prospect or boss? You will become known as the funnel master.

Now let me show you how to give that extra “something” to your funnel maps.

3. Make Your Funnel Pop with Page Thumbnails

By just simply opening your page settings, entering your page URL and clicking the camera 📷 icon, Funnelytics will automatically pull in a screenshot of your live page.

No more generic squares from out-of-date diagramming software. Your clients, boss, sister, grandma or whoever you’re building funnels for is going to be blown away by looking at their own pages, mapped out right there in front of them.

But what if you don’t know what funnel to build? Well we got you there too…

4. Modelling What Works with The Vault & Templates

The Funnelytics Vault is a treasure trove of 50+ funnels from some of the worlds top online marketers. Each funnel is responsible for over $1m in online sales 🤑

We mapped them all out in Funnelytics for you and even created ClickFunnels replicas for each one!

Not only that, but you can save your best funnels as templates, so you can re-use your ideas for different clients, or save sections that you use over and over again in different funnels.

Not sure what funnel to build? The Vaults got you covered.

Need an idea for a client’s business? Find one inside the Vault.

Looking for inspiration? You know where to go…

If you haven’t purchased the Vault, that’s ok. There are 6 Free funnel templates inside as well. These are the 6 Essential Funnels every marketer should know and can be combined to create super powerful sales machines. You can learn more about them in this blog post (with examples).

If you work with a team or clients, you’re really going to like these next features…

5. Get Everyone on the Same Page with Share, Collaborate & Notes

That’s right, you can share your funnels with other Funnelytics users with a simple URL, or you can invite your teammates and/or clients to collaborate on your funnels. Then, you can add notes to each of your funnel steps to keep everyone on the same page!

Alright so that wraps up our mapping feature highlights.

  1. Mapping Pages and Traffic Icons
  2. Link Wheel (and Action Links)
  3. Generating Page Thumbnails
  4. The Vault & Templates
  5. Share, Collaborate & Notes

Next up on the list we are going to dive into our tracking features. So let’s get into it.

Tracking Your Funnel Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Tracking is the bread and butter of Funnelytics.

If you are a Digital Marketer, you know that it is important to be tracking your traffic ”” who they are, where they came from, what they buy etc.

And while some marketers are great with technology, we are not all coders…and we shouldn’t have to be to track these things (well, that’s our opinion anyways).

So we built a solution that lets you take back control of your data.

Everything we do here at Funnelytics, is to make data and analytics easier for digital marketers (we are digital marketers–does that make us selfish?😜).

So let’s show you what we’ve done (and are working on) to help you track your campaigns and funnels easier than ever before.

6. Simple Installation

Ok, so this one has been done before. Same as you would with Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel, you can install our tracking code on your site with a simple copy & paste.

I am not going to show a video for this one, just check out the help desk article for our installation instructions for some of the most popular platforms.

As soon as the code is installed, Funnelytics will start collecting data! Don’t have the page mapped out in your Funnel yet? No worries, we are still collecting data and it will show up as soon as you map that page on your canvas.

Pretty cool right?

7. Save Money on Developers with Codeless Tracking

Think back to all of your marketing campaigns (or current ones, or future ones…). What matters to us marketers most? How many leads and/or sales did we generate.

Do you know how you track this in other analytics software like Google Analytics? Here are the steps:

  1. Choose the View you want to set a Goal on (ya, what the hell is a view anyways)
  2. Go into the admin menu
  3. Choose “Goals”
  4. Create a Goal
  5. Choose the Goal Type
  6. Choose how the goal is triggered (Event, pageview, etc.)
  7. Give it a Category, Label, Action, Value (confused yet?)
  8. Choose how the value gets populated

And after all this, it’s isn’t unusual to feel like you might not have done it correctly. It’s freaking complicated!

Compare that ☝️ to this 👇

In case you missed it, Funnelytics only takes 4 simple steps to track purchases or leads once the code is on your site.

  1. Create a Purchase or Complete Form link to connect 2 pages
  2. Open the Purchase or Complete Form action settings
  3. Check the option “Add as KPI”
  4. Give it a value (Purchases only)

That’s it, simple page to page tracking of the actions you care about. All done in Funnelytics with ZERO developers.

The best part?

Funnelytics will only consider it a lead or a purchase if the person came from the first page in the link to the second page (more accuracy).


Visitor A fills out the form on your sales page which takes them to your thank you page. Funnelytics counts that as a lead!

Visitor B goes from your contact form page and fills out the form which takes them to the same thank you page. Funnelytics does not count that as a lead because the action is mapped between the sales page and the thank you page, not the contact page and the thank you page.

8. Advanced Action Tracking with Chrome Plugin (Coming Soon)

Our developers are working their butts off to bring you our brand new Chrome extension to make tracking the likes of button clicks, form submissions (with the information they entered), video views etc. without a developer and without Google Tag Manager.

While simple actions get you up and tracking fast and easy, our Chrome extension will have you tracking advanced actions, with more accuracy, and without the frustration (and again, no developers).

Here is a sneak peak!

Pretty cool huh?

Ok, the last tracking feature I want to show you is next, then it’s on to the analyze features.

9. Tracking Where Your Traffic is Coming From

We make it super easy to track your best traffic sources using UTM parameters. If you don’t know what UTMs are that’s ok. We got you covered with everything you need to know in our Helpdesk Article Series on UTMs.

What does this mean for your business? It means you can visually see where your traffic is coming from, and start to identify your best traffic sources.

Once you know where your best traffic is coming from, you’ve taken your first step to funnel optimization–which brings us to our next features.

Analyzing Your Data (The Easy Way)

Remember at the start of this article we said that the problem Funnelytics aims to solve is how hard it currently is for marketers to understand what is and isn’t working in their marketing funnels?

Well this last set of features are the solution. So let’s dive in!

10. Eliminate Weekly Reports with KPI Window

Remember in Feature #7 (Simple Action Tracking) I showed you that little checkbox “Add as KPI”?

Ya well, that actually added that action to our new and improved KPI Window. What is the KPI Window? Let’s have a look.

Now you can see the numbers you care about at the click of a button. You don’t have to build a custom report or mess around with spreadsheets.

Add an action or page as a KPI step and see these key metrics at a quick glance.

  • The Total Conversion Count
  • The Total Conversion %
  • The Total Conversion Value

Take a quick screenshot of the KPI Window and send it to your clients or boss to show them the leads, sales and revenue you are generating them.

Hint: They don’t really care about anything else. The other metrics like CPC, CPA, CPL are what they pay YOU to worry about.

We will be iterating on this feature every month to make it more and more powerful, you’re gonna love what we have coming down the pipe!

Ok, so that’s the “numbers” way to see your data, but what about the VISUAL way we talked about. Well that’s what the next 3 features are all about.

Introducing Canvas Layers.

11. Diagnose Your Funnel with The Numbers Layer

Our numbers layer will help you dive deeper into the data and understand exactly where the bottlenecks in your funnel. Layered right on top of your funnel map, it make it much easier to identify conversion rates between steps than looking at the numbers in a spreadsheet.

This leads to better decision making on where to focus your time and efforts to optimize your funnel.

As soon as you switch it on you can see the total number of people traveling between each step and their respective conversion rates. Have a look 👇

Now you will be able to identify which exact steps in the funnel are causing issues (and which ones are doing awesome) so you can optimize them and improve your results.

12. It’s Alive! The Flow Layer

Did you know that 65% of people consider themselves visual learners? So why is so much of our marketing data displayed in charts and spreadsheets? It makes no sense.

Our Flows Layer is the first step in our journey to make your data more visual than ever. In fact, it makes your data actually come ALIVE.

No, the Flow Layer doesn’t give you a deep insight into your data like looking at the actual numbers. That wasn’t why we built it. The purpose of Flow is to show you WHERE to look so you can quickly pinpoint

  • Traffic sources that are producing the most/least traffic,
  • Pages or steps in your funnel that are causing a bottle neck
  • Where traffic is falling off in your funnel

Knowing WHERE to look is a pivotal step in diagnosing your funnel, and the Flow Layer is what will help you do that.

13. Proper Planning with the Forecast Layer

We are crazy excited for the Forecasting Layer we are working on! It is gonna be such a valuable tool for our community of digital marketers.

One of the most fundamental mistakes people make when planning their campaigns and marketing funnels is that they often don’t think enough about the end goal.

  • How many leads do we need to generate?
  • How many sales?
  • Home much revenue?
  • How much traffic do we need to hit our goals?

Without concrete goals we can’t

  1. Create success benchmarks
  2. Measure success/failure

The Forecast Layer won’t help you set goals, that is way too unique to your business goals. What the Forecast Layer WILL do is help you calculate the amount of traffic, and conversion rates between steps required to hit those goals.

Forecast Layer concept.

The basic premise of Forecasting will be that you map out your funnel, and then set your target conversion rates between each step. After that you will be able to set and adjust the amount of traffic you are expecting to send to your funnel.

The forecast layer will then calculate/estimate how many leads or sales you can expect to generate based on your projected conversion rates as well as other important KPIs.

You will be able to leverage forecasting to simulate different scenarios.

What if my lead magnet converts at 5% instead of 10%?

What if my sales page converts at 2% instead of 3%?

What will my expected revenue be if I spend $10,000 on traffic with a $3 Cost Per Lead vs $5,000 at a $1.50 Cost per Lead.

But that’s not all…

The Forecast Layer lets you compare real data against your forecasted benchmarks.

That means

  • Showing your clients that you are on track to hit their goals
  • Showing your boss that you are on track to hit your KPIs
  • Knowing the highest leverage points to optimize in your funnel
  • Whether adding more traffic to your funnel will help or not

Last but not least, we made it easy for you to identify your best traffic sources, so you can double down on your winners, and cut the losers.

14. Identifying Email and Ad Profitability

Generating profits with Digital Marketing is all about making data driven decisions. The features above make it easier than ever before to get insights from your data to optimize your funnel.

But there is one other thing that always needs to be optimized in any funnel that we haven’t accounted for yet.


Where most of the issues arise around the revenue and profitability of a funnel is not knowing which channels are driving customer acquisition and sales at a profit.

We introduced the Step Focus feature, to provide the ability to filter your funnel traffic that comes from specific sources. Combining step focus, with the Numbers Layer, Flow Layer and KPI Window helps you identify:

  • Your best organic traffic sources
  • Your best paid traffic sources
  • Your best emails and sequences

Armed with this information you can make data driven decisions on your traffic strategy. Cutting or optimizing losing paid traffic, fixing your email sequence, changing your ad creative, writing more blog posts etc.

We constantly are using this feature here at Funnelytics to optimize our email sequences and ad spend, it’s incredibly valuable to our business!


Alright, so that wraps up the 14 Ways Funnelytics goes beyond being “just another mapping tool”. We are creating something that has never existed before.

And we need YOUR help to make it the best Funnel Mapping, Tracking and Optimization tool on the market. So can I ask you a favour?

Will you help us bring you more value? If yes, we would really appreciate you engaging with us in one of the following ways…

  1. Join the Facebook Community and give us your feedback
  2. Let us know how you’re using the tool through support or the community
  3. Report bugs to support when you find them

Thank you so much for being a part of this community. Let’s change the marketing industry together one funnel at a time!


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Mikael Dia

Founder & CEO @ Funnelytics Inc.

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