How To Sell Digital Products On Autopilot

Do you struggle with selling digital products online? Or are you not making enough ROI?

What most digital marketers do when it comes to selling digital products is they send all their cold traffic directly to their sales page to make the sale…

Although this can work depending on your product and market, a lot of the time you either will have a low conversion rate or you won’t make enough money.

The good thing is, there is a better way to all of this.

A way where you can have increase leads, skyrocket conversion rates and multiply your average cart value.

Introducing the product sales funnel…

What is a product sales funnel?

The goal with the product sales funnel is to qualify buyers by offering them an irresistible low ticket item. After the customer has purchased the low ticket item, you will offer them upsells and downsells to increase the average cart value.

The goal with this funnel is to break-even with ad spend and ascend them up your value ladder where you make the real money.

How to get 150,000 recurring monthly members

Here is an example of what a successful product offering looks like:

Checkout their website here:

The Dollar Beard Club is an exclusive club which is ONLY $1/mo to sign up (with the $1/mo you get beard oils delivered to your door).

This is an irresistible offer if you’re a dude with a beard and because it’s only $1. After someone clicks sign up, they upsell you with a variety of other beard products to help you out on your beard journey. The upsells on all the products can get someone paying as much as $57/mo. You can now see why this works…

The product sales funnel is a one of the best sales funnel out there and if you can execute on this right… you’ll be able to 10x your sales overnight.

If you want to map out your own funnels (just like this product sales one), make sure to check out our free mapping tool at

Funnelytics is perfect if you build funnels for yourself or your clients since it allows you to create funnels INSTANTLY…

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