Unlimited Earning Potential: Funnelytics™ Affiliate Program

When we first launched our affiliate program 9 months ago, within minutes, we started receiving testimonials of users getting their first conversions 🚀

Since then, we’ve generated over $200K in revenue and have paid out $60K+ in commissions! It’s been a great success and we’re just getting started!

The best part? The program is completely free to join.

📣 All you have to do is tell people about us! 📣

We provide all the promo assets including social, email, and banner swipes to help start making money quickly.

Here’s an overview so you can visualize how our affiliate program runs.

If you like making more money, join the Funnelytics™ Affiliate Program today!

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Funnelytics is an all-in-one mapping and tracking tool for your sales funnel. Stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks on how to best leverage Funnelytics so you can scale your business to the next level.

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