Free LIVE Training (actually live) by Mikael Dia

How to Get MORE customers from your current ad spend while improving customer value in as little as 8 weeks

...without media buyers telling you where to spend your money.

Webinar Length: 30 mins (live Q&A after)

Date: Wednesday June 22 2022

Time: 1pm Eastern Time (EST)


Calling out all visual CEOs and Growth Executives of online “Info” businesses.


If you sell online courses & high-ticket programs by using a combination of funnels, ads, webinars, and content… then I’ve got something for you.


How would you like access to one of the most powerful platforms and frameworks to identify the exact bottlenecks that are slowing your growth.


Not to be dramatic here, but these bottlenecks are causing you to bleed money and preventing you from scaling.


Spending money on ads is great – but scaling profitably becomes almost impossible if you are pouring money into a leaky funnel.


Maybe you’ve experienced your return on ad spend getting smaller and smaller as you tried to scale your ads?


Well, over the last 4 years, my team and I have analyzed hundreds of millions of data points, across thousands of online businesses, through our platform Funnelytics


I am going to host a LIVE 30-minute presentation (followed by Q&A) to share:


1. The “Growth Black Box” stopping your from scaling ads profitably


2. The One Thing that fast growing businesses monitor that slow growing businesses do not.


3. The 3-Step Framework to identify and fix the holes that are slowing your growth

It’s going to be a lot of fun and your business is about to level up because of it.


Looking forward to having you there!



Mikael Dia

Founder & CEO of Funnelytics

Hosted by: Mikael Dia

Founder & CEO of Funnelytics

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