Our team will unlock at least 15% growth from your funnels in only 12 weeks, guaranteed.

...without you spending a dime more on ads.


Trusted by some of the fastest growing eCommerce, SaaS, and Education companies

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Why work with the funnelytics team?

unmatched experience

Funnelytics tracks billions of data points across thousands of sites. We have unparalleled insights that most teams don't have.


We leverage proven, data-driven frameworks that are guaranteed to increase funnel conversions and boost revenue.

Service with a software

The Funnelytics platform was built to identify growth opportunities - and the team who built it will unleash its full power for your business.

Personalized Consulting

Our team of tracking and optimization specialists work directly on your business to uncover and fix your funnel bottlenecks.

what is the Funnelytics™ Insights Service?

Our team of top tracking experts, conversion optimization specialists, and funnel strategists work for you to amplify your growth.

If you’re an online Education, SaaS or eCommerce business and you’re doing over $1m in revenue, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve asked this question:

How do I get more customers out of my existing marketing?

But how do you get reliable funnel data? How do you know what’s working and what’s not? How do you know what to fix?

Everything used to be a LOT simpler.

At the beginning — when you had a simple funnel — spreadsheets or  basic analytics tools worked fine. 

Today, you’ve got multiple funnels, a complicated tech stack, tens of pages, dozens of growth assets… and a small internal team, with agencies and freelancers on the side.

It’s a lot more complicated.

journey analytics

Ad attribution platforms might tell you which ads converted, but how do you optimize everything between the ad and the purchase?

funnel strategy

Here's what most companies do to figure our what's working vs what's not...

1. Use some mapping tool to make sense of the strategy...

site analytics

2. Install site analytics and attribution tools that are super complicated...


3. Build spreadsheets and dashboards to try and make sense...


4. Hire an expensive analyst that knows very little about the business...

It looks like a mash-up of these things...

sales tracking

And nobody really knows.

You’re blind to your funnel’s actual performance, because it’s so damned complicated. So you’re forced to make decisions through guesswork and uncertainty.


Every team member has a different opinion, because there’s no single source of truth


Every analysis takes up massive time and headspace, because you’re using a hodgepodge of complicated tools

funnel building

Every decision involves multiple people and meetings — and at this pace, there’s no way to drive growth

What if you had a team of experts to do all of this for you?


Working alongside our team, you’ll have 1-on-1 access to Funnelytics’ top tracking experts, conversion optimization specialists, and funnel strategists working tirelessly to amplify your growth.

We will do 4 core things to optimize your customer journeys.


Visualize the Growth Engine:

We’ll map your entire growth engine on a canvas so that everyone can get aligned on how your business converts traffic into customers. We’ll analyze all the key pages and touchpoints to identify quick win opportunities.


Precision Tracking Across the Customer Journey:

Funnelytics is more than an analytics tool. With over 450 million data points tracked monthly, our team provides insights unparalleled in depth and accuracy. Our visual canvas simplifies the complexity, making it easier to identify and act on bottlenecks.

funnel building

Customized Insight Reports:

The Funnelytics team will deep-dive into your data, offering bespoke insights and strategies week after week, drawing from vast industry knowledge to ensure you're always one step ahead.

funnel building

Action Plan with Accountability:

Every week we will provide you with a detailed action plan and keep you accountable to the implementation to ensure success.

That's the Funnelytics™ Funnel Insights & Optimization service

testimonial Image

“I was finally ably to make decisions that drive growth”

funnelytics icon
Joshua Musick
CEO, Medicareschool
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“We’ve leveraged Funnelytics to align our teams, communicate results, and simplify decision-making.”

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Chris Breikss
Founder, Major Tom
Screen Shot

“If people are like us, they're already up to their eyeballs in things to do, so they don't have time to set up and understand a new tool. The Funnelytics team made that easy”

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Alicia Powell
Founder & CEO, PixiStock

Our proven Journey Performance Framework™ is guaranteed to increase conversions, without increasing traffic.

funnel strategy


Optimization always starts with a plan. We will map your entire funnel, identify the key levers, establish targets and a measurement plan, and align all stakeholders around the growth opportunities.


Measuring performance is the key to identifying bottlenecks and growth opportunities. We set up accurate tracking across the full funnel and only monitor numbers that impact conversions.


By collecting the right data and analyzing conversions over a few weeks, we can then run scenarios and establish an optimization plan for the biggest impact possible.

What deliverables do you get?

Funnelytics Performance Business

Funnelytics is a tool designed to help businesses plan, measure and optimize customer journeys. As part of the Funnelytics Insights Service you get full access to the platform.
funnel mapping
mappimg strategy

Growth engine mapping workshop

We aren't experts in your business, yet! So we will spend time with you and your team to map your entire growth engine. Every single touchpoint that you've orchestrated to convert strangers into customers.

Full Funnel tracking setup

Once we have the full engine mapped, we will set up tracking across every touchpoint, regardless of how complicated the tech stack is. Our experts have done this for thousands of sites and tech stacks, so we'll make sure it's fully integrated, and accurate, for your funnels.
customer journey analytics

Your performance insights team

This is a done-for-you service. We come in as a team of funnel optimization specialists to look at your conversions and find optimization opportunities based on data, not instinct. We leverage our years of experience and insider knowledge to help you scale, without spending more on traffic.

Weekly reports delivered to you

We'll stay on top of things and we do that by reporting on the things that matter. We'll leverage Key Reports to look a top level metrics, funnel performance metrics, split test results and top contributing assets.
Professional Office
performance data analysis

Bi-weekly insight & optimization calls

Communication is key, and we'll chat on a bi-weekly basis to go over the metrics, review the game plan, and establish the next milestones. have that covered with our Essential Meeting Structure. But to top that off, we're offering a lifeline as part of the deal.

Dedicated slack & success manager

Communication is our top priority. Email is inefficient and things get lost, so we set up a dedicated Slack channel and assign you a dedicated success manager so that we are always in contact and highly responsive.
performance team

who is this for?

In order to provide a 15% increase guaranteewe must be very selective with who we work with. To qualify…

Proof of Market Value

Your business must be generating at least $1m from inbound marketing efforts (paid ads or organic content). This gives us a good basis of data for us to continuously analyze and optimize.

inbound traffic

Optimization only works if you have consistent traffic. We expect that you are spending a minimum of $10K per month on ads to drive traffic, or consistent organic traffic from various channels.

One Key Call-to-Action

Your funnel must have a core objective and a key CTA. We don’t optimize generic websites that try to sell everything, we focus on optimizing the product or service that drives the biggest results.

Ready to take action

We will set up all the tracking and do the insights, but everyone’s platforms are different so the implementation of the tests must be performed by your team, with our guidance of course.

“We experienced a 10% decrease in customer costs from paid ads and a 17% uptick in lead-to-customer conversion rate.”

Bruno Leite
Marketing Director, Mkt4Edu

The Funnelytics Insights Service is limited to 5 clients at a time.

Insights Service


Our performance guarantee

We guarantee a 15% revenue increase in 12 weeks, or your money back + 3 months of Funnelytics on us.

It's bold, but we believe that Performance is everything and we put our time and money where our mouth is.
This is the reason why our spots are so limited.
We go above and beyond for our clients and for clients we work with, the results are all that matter.

Funnelytics was the missing piece that helped us map out and analyze our customer journey. We saw an increase of 46% in our average order value by optimizing from the data that Funnelytics gave us.


Rick Cadotte

Four Sigmatic

Your Next Steps

Your time is valuable so we'll make this efficient and worth it - even if you don't become a client.


Everything starts with a simple inquiry form that allows us to assess fit before any calendar time is booked.


You'll meet with one of our Advisors for a two-way interview, where we’ll discuss the service in detail, answer questions, and determine if there's an initial fit.


You’ll connect with our team for what we call the 360° Blueprint, where we begin the optimization process BEFORE you sign any contracts and pay us.

Accelerate your growth with Funnelytics in your corner

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