First cohort for Funnelytics Performance starts on June 6th.
Schedule a call today for an exclusive, early-access offer!

First cohort for Funnelytics Performance starts on June 6th. Apply today for an exclusive, early-access offer!

You don't need a mess of data.
You need concrete next steps.

Data is worthless if it doesn’t drive growth.

But for most marketers, getting insights from raw data is like pulling teeth.


Funnelytics is the fastest, simplest way to get data- backed insights that actually move the needle.

What if you could get actionable insights

from one command center?

Know precisely what to do next to hit targets and drive growth.
Without a data analyst.

People Filter

Focus on what matters.

Filter your data based on data, location, device and action, so you can get granular insights on select segments and analyze the most specific journey performance.


Find out things like:

  • How many people visited the homepage using mobile yesterday?
  • How did companies from the UK get to the landing page last month?
  • How many people who registered last week came from Google ads?

Comparison Wizard​

Get clarity by comparing.

Compare any customer journey by date or people, and understand how each part of the funnel is affecting your metrics.

Instantly calculate the difference to see which version of your funnel performs better.

Find out things like:

  • How did the actions of mobile users compare to the actions of desktop users?
  • What percentage of our purchases come from residents of the US vs. Canada?
  • How do customers coming to the site via Facebook ads compare to those coming via Google Ads?

Customer Segmentation​​

Get key insights into your best customers.

Discover which are your most (and least) profitable audiences. Segment audiences based on actions or surveys, then filter by those results. For example, compare those under “Enterprise” against “SMB.”


Find out things like:

  • Which customer type generates greatest lifetime value?
  • Which landing page is most effective for this customer segment?
  • How does our FB traffic convert compared to traffic from search engines?
  • How do the actions of people who watched this webinar compare to those who didn’t watch it?

Split-Test Tracking​​​

Sometimes the road less traveled isn’t the best one to take. Know what tactics work best compared to others, in detail.


Find out things like:

  • Which of these webinars converted best?
  • Should we stick with this ad variation, or this one?
  • Which of these landing page variations converted best?

Scenario Simulation

(coming soon!)

Make educated money decisions.

Simulate any scenario by EXCLUDING a specific step from the circulation. Discover the $$ impact of a given asset. See if it’s worthwhile – or if you’re just throwing money away.


Find out things like:

  • How would your revenue change if you stopped  paying for Google Ads?
  • What would happen if you removed this email sequuence?
  • Does this blog post have meaningful ROI?

Stop guessing.
Stop stacking tactics.

Funnelytics shows you exactly what to optimize, and what to cut. Minus the complicated geek stuff you never signed up for.

Set smart targets.

Then assess your progress at a glance.

When you know what’s working, you can create goals that make sense. Set smart targets, then compare your current journey performance with potential outcomes. Whether you have a revenue, asset conversion, or velocity-based target, see the gap you need to cross to meet it.


Step 1

See your performance

Step 2

Monitor what's happening


Step 3

Get insights + optimize

Group 16@2x

Step 4

Set your growth targets

And then begin the process again...

"Finally somebody took data and made it visual"

Analytics was developed by data scientists for themselves by themselves, and I'm a bit of an outsider. Funnelytics felt like it was made for me. I finally felt like I was on the inside. Somebody understood. Finally, somebody figured out that you could take data and make it visual. Funnelytics felt like, 'This is your club.'

Chris Young

Identify top growth opportunities with our proven playbooks

These playbooks have been used successfully by dozens of 7-figure digital businesses, and will:

  • Help you ask the right questions and explore the next best steps for your customer journey

  • Walk you through different scenarios and give you an outline of possible ways forward

  • Give you ideas on how to optimize your customer acquisition strategy to convert more of your existing traffic

Mounds of complicated data?

Leave that for the competition

Use Funnelytics to get understandable, data-backed insights, fast.

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