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Customer experience is crucial to a brand’s success. According to a study by PwC, 32% of customers claim that one bad experience is enough to drive them away from their favorite brand.

To improve your customer experience, you first need to understand it. This means having systems in place to monitor, track, and identify potential bottlenecks at each touchpoint across your conversion funnels and broader customer journey.

This is where a customer journey analytics tool—like SegMetrics—can help. While SegMetrics is a popular choice among marketers, it’s not for everyone.

For starters, setting up and navigating SegMetrics without a proper onboarding process and tutorials is challenging for many businesses. Plus, many users find its UI clunky, making it difficult to work smoothly and efficiently.

To help you find the best customer journey analytics tool for your business, we’ve compiled a list of eight SegMetrics alternatives that offer all the essential features and solutions to track and optimize your customer journey.

Key takeaways



Use cases



Highly intuitive, easy-to-use interface with visual drag-and-drop features,

backward mapping

Traffic source reporting, split testing across the customer journey

●       $199–$999/month

Adobe Analytics

Collect streaming web data with Adobe Experience Platform, real-time customer insights, predictive analysis using AI and machine learning

Segment comparison, predictions for peak seasons

●       Custom pricing


Excellent overview of campaign performance, deep insights into marketing and sales efforts, plug-and-play implementation

Measure and compare ad performance, measure the impact of offline touchpoints, compare lead-based and account-based efforts

●       $0–$1,499/month

Google Analytics

Easy integration with any website, can compare two different time windows, customer segmentation using funnels

Conversion tracking, user behavior tracking, monitoring page views

●       Free to use


Open-source platform that allows conversion and event tracking, with private server implementation options

Overcome ad blockers, track user interactions

●       Free to self-host

●       $20/month to host on their server


Automated analytics, predictive decision intelligence, data diagnostics using machine learning

Social media analytics, lead analytics, conversion management

●       Custom pricing


Optimization portfolios,

AI-powered analytics

Data collection across multiple channels, comparing performance results

●       Custom pricing


Intent-based outreach, 30-min onboarding,  identification of anonymous website traffic

Multi-touch attribution with ROI analysis, automated alerts, consolidation of marketing and sales data

●       $0–$1,299/ month

Track data from every step of the funnel

Funnelytics helps you understand & prevent drop-offs at key points in the customer journey

1. Funnelytics

The First SegMetrics alternative on our list is Funnelytics. Funnelytics is a customer journey analytics tool that helps track your entire customer journey on a clear, intuitive whiteboard. It integrates seamlessly with top analytics software, allowing you real-time access to customer data without needing to switch between platforms.

The funnel simulation feature lets you forecast how your funnel plan will perform, so you can optimize it before implementation and make the best use of your marketing budget.

Funnelytics platform as a Segmetrics alternative

According to reviews on G2 these key features of Funnelytics make it a top SegMetrics alternative:

  • Easy to use, drag and drop interface, that makes mapping easy
  • In-depth insights and the option to track multiple domains
  • Track performance across each step of your conversion funnel so you can optimize low-performing pages and improve conversions
  • Integrates with the Microsoft Office suite and Google Analytics for easy data extraction and utilization—via third-party apps like Zapier and Webhooks

Here’s what Funnelytics customers are saying:

“Incredible detail. There seems to be nothing Funnelytics cannot track including multiple domains.”Quintin P.

“You can tell the creators and coders of Funnelytics put a lot of thought and hard-work into creating this software. The support team is incredibly helpful and caring whenever I had questions and there were very little bugs in the software code that I noticed throughout my time using it. You can tell that this software was really made with care.”—Simone L.

Clear and precise customer journey data at your fingertips

Analyze your customer funnel with Funnelytics’ intuitive platform


Performance Lite: $199/month

Performance Plus: $499/month

Performance Max: $999/month

Average G2 rating:

4.1/5 (As per G2 reviews)


Key features:

  • Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality for easy visual mapping and customer journey tracking
  • Traffic explorer allows backward mapping

Benefits of Funnelytics

  • Enables visual planning of customer movement through various pages in the customer journey
  • Allows users to see conversion statistics for each page in the funnel, highlighting areas for improvement
  • Provides access to real-time analytics data
  • Great for visual learners and enhances understanding of the sales process by turning data into actionable insights

Limitations of Funnelytics

  • There can be a slight learning curve, but same-day support and weekly live sessions help guide the new users

2. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics homepage

Adobe Analytics is a customer journey tracking software tool that integrates data from Adobe products—like Adobe Marketing Cloud and Analytics Cloud Suite—to create comprehensive customer profiles.

Plus, you can automatically pull in any existing Google Analytics data using its Data Sources API, or export raw data straight from the dashboard, which isn’t possible with SegMetrics.

Its dashboard is clear and intuitive, making journey mapping a quick and easy experience. With real-time data tracking, you can quickly get a sense of marketing performance from multiple sources, including email, display, and social media.


Select: Custom pricing

Prime: Custom pricing

Ultimate: Custom pricing

Average G2 rating:


Key features:

  • Collect streaming web data via the Adobe Experience Platform
  • Real-time customer insights
  • Predictive analysis using AI and machine learning

Benefits of Adobe Analytics

  • Real-time data processing with accurate tracking and reporting
  • Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Analytics Cloud Suite

Limitations of Adobe Analytics

  • The tool is complex, requiring a longer onboarding period
  • While online learning resources are available, customer support can be lacking, according to G2 users
  • Price is comparatively high

3. DreamData

B2B Marketing

DreamData automatically extracts your B2B go-to-market data to provide a clear window into what’s actually driving revenue. The attribution platform gathers data from across your tech stack to deliver actionable analysis of customer interactions.

The tool comes with a clean and user-friendly interface that makes navigation seamless and intuitive. Their comprehensive onboarding process helps new customers get up and running in no time.


Free: Free

Team: $599/month

Business: $1,499/month

Enterprise: Custom

Average G2 rating:


Key features:

  • Great overview of campaign performance
  • Deep insights into your marketing and sales efforts
  • Plug-and-play implementation

Benefits of DreamData

  • Intuitive platform—even non-tech stakeholders can navigate the tool easily
  • Track every touchpoint in the customer journey
  • Responsive customer support and success teams
  • Their partnership with LinkedIn unlocks greater insights into the impact of your ad spend

Limitations of DreamData

  • Unable to filter by CRM fields
  • Significant price gap between free and team pricing
  • The reports are quite, and less data-savvy users may benefit from additional training, or clearer documentation

4. Google Analytics

Get Essential

Google Analytics is a free conversion attribution tool that marketers can use to find the right channels and messaging to maximize site traffic and sales. The tool offers an in-depth understanding of website performance and real-time user interactions.

With demographic filters and by tracking organic and paid traffic, you can pinpoint where visitors are coming from and export that data to Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, and many other formats for analysis.


Free to use

Average G2 rating:


Key features:

  • Easy integration on any site
  • Compare two different time windows
  • Customer segmentation based on where users are in the funnel

Benefits of Google Analytics

  • Multiple types of attribution modeling
  • Reporting covers multiple channels and device types

Limitations of Google Analytics

  • Takes time to fully understand the tool
  • Advanced features may require training to use effectively
  • With the recent shift to Google Analytics 4, users may find its UI unfamiliar and difficult to navigate

5. Matomo

Matomo homepage

Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that positions itself as a data-conscious alternative to SegMetrics and a close competitor to Google Analytics. As such, the company emphasizes data protection and provides customers with 100% data ownership.

The platform is mainly used to boost website performance and offers two data housing options—cloud and on-premise.

As it’s an open-source analytics platform, you can customize the tool to your specific requirements and install it on your own server for maximum privacy.


Self-host: Free

Cloud: $20/month

Average G2 rating:


Key features:

  • Open-source platform
  • Allows conversion tracking and event tracking
  • Allows private server implementation

Benefits of Matomo

  • Provides full control over user activity data from your website
  • Open-source, community-based alternative to commercial options like SegMetrics
  • Can be used on multiple domains
  • Built-in functionality to switch between different websites and user groups

Limitations of Matomo

  • User interface is tricky for new users and the learning curve is steep
  • Requires hands-on setup and coding experience

7. RevOptics

RevOptics Segmetrics competitor homepage

RevOptics (previously Vertify) is a revenue-focused analytics platform. This tool is all about helping businesses understand the revenue impact of their marketing and sales efforts.

Its key selling point is automated analytics. You can get set up in mere hours and will be fed automated reports and guidance on impactful next steps based on predictive and prescriptive decision intelligence.

Plus, the tool uses machine learning to pinpoint problems with your data: like missing data, deviations, or bad data that may be affecting your analytics.

Plus, the tool will help you to gain a granular, full-funnel view of your performance, segmented per product, lead source, location, and more.


Trial: 21 days free on all plans

Pro: Custom

Growth: Custom

Premium: Custom

Average G2 rating:


Key features:

  • Automated analytics
  • Predictive decision intelligence
  • Data diagnostics using machine learning

Benefits of RevOptics

  • Automated setup and real-time reporting
  • Predictive and prescriptive decision intelligence based on real-time and historical data
  • Best-in-class UI, API, and workflow automation

Limitations of RevOptics

  • Doesn’t provide 24/7 live support

7. SegmentStream

Maximise Revenue

SegmentStream is an AI-powered analytics platform that offers unified marketing reporting to centralize cross-channel marketing data. It automatically tracks key metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS) across all sources and provides AI-generated budget allocation recommendations.

SegmentStream seamlessly connects with ad platforms so customers can monitor platform data and optimize campaigns accordingly.


Custom pricing

Average G2 rating:


Key features:

  • Optimization portfolios for channel budget allocation
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Consolidates all marketing and sales data in one place

Benefits of SegmentStream

  • Unified cross-channel marketing dashboards
  • User-friendly marketing attribution software
  • Reveals the incremental value of each marketing activity
  • Measures the actual contribution of ad activity to total revenue, without using cookies

Limitations of SegmentStream

  • Limited filtering options, which restricts data segmentation capabilities
  • Lack of real-time data

9. Factors.ai

Factors.ai homepage

Factors.ai is an account intelligence and analytics platform that unifies data from multiple platforms—website visitor data, CRM, ads platforms, search console, and more.

The tool’s account identification and attribution feature helps you to capture details from the 95% of users who visit your site anonymously.

It provides in-depth understanding of website visitor behavior and intent through, journey insights, and advanced filters. Then, you can pinpoint the right prospects to engage further.


Free: Free

Basic: $149/month

Growth: $599/month

Professional: $1,299/month

Average G2 rating:


Key features:

  • 30-min onboarding
  • Qualify target customers from anonymous website traffic
  • Intent-based outreach to help you discover which prospects are a good fit for further engagement

Benefits of Factors.ai

  • Easy and accurate data segmentation
  • Track first- and second-party visitor data
  • Automated alerts to enhance sales team efficiency
  • Real-time insights into website visitor behavior

Limitations of Factors.ai

  • Limited filtering capabilities, without an option to filter by day of the week, device, channel, etc.
  • Cannot share individual reports
  • UI could be clearer and more intuitive

Boost website conversions with Funnelytics

Customer journey analytics tools are crucial in tracking customer data at every funnel stage, pinpointing friction points, and improving your customer experience.

With this list of top SegMetrics alternatives, you’re ready to pinpoint a solution that best fits your business needs and marketing budget.

Funnelytics is a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use tool for your customer journey research. It’s ideal for visual learners looking to brainstorm customer experiences across different touchpoints. Get faster, and simpler analytics. Try Funnelytics for free today!

Keep your customers on the right journey

Funnelytics’ visual platform is perfect for boosting website conversions with in-depth analytics


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