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What exactly is Funnelytics™ Map Plus?

Access to pre-built templates and powerful planning features - all at your fingertips.

At the core is our Template Library – a database of 100+ funnel and strategy templates handpicked from the world’s top marketers and fastest growing digital businesses.


But it’s not just about the templates. Our team has gone through the entire funnels , recorded video breakdowns, took screenshots of their ads, pages, and emails, and bundled it all together in a map inside Funnelytics.


Creating winning strategies has never been easier!

1. Video Breakdowns

100+ video and article breakdowns of each funnel strategy, pre-recorded for you


All of the ads, pages, and strategies that made each funnel successful

3. Funnel Map

Download or install a template of every funnel with just the click of a button

Quickly find exactly what you're looking for by category, objective or industry and get the detailed game-plan for your next build and launch







SaaS churn FUNNELS

Course sales FUNNELS

and so many more

Your Instant Shortcut

How do you know your next funnel strategy and marketing campaign is going to be successful? You may have an amazing idea, a quality product or loads of testimonials, but how do you know: 

You can always ‘take your best stab’ at it, but the entire point of any great venture is to stand on the shoulders of what’s worked in the past.


That’s where your shortcut comes into play…

But it’s more than just templates

Funnelytics™ Map Plus provides a full suite of powerful planning and organization features

Unlimited canvases for unlimited creativity​

Create a new canvas for each marketing idea or campaign, no restrictions.

Custom Icons + Images

Make complex strategies easier to understand and more engaging with your own unique icons and images.

Unlimited Collaborators

Bring everyone on board for a collaborative creative experience, with no limits on the number of collaborators.

Hi-Resolution Export

Get crystal clear visuals and sharp hi-res details for a professional presentation, every time.

Notes + Checklists

Keep everything in order and boost productivity with notes & checklists that ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

View-Only Share Links

Share your canvases securely without worrying about unintended modifications, no sign-up or account required.

Canvas Tags

Keep your canvases organized by tagging canvases based on project, client, user, or any tag you create.

Don’t just take our word for it

Funnelytics™ Map Plus has transformed strategy planning for businesses and agencies

Unlock these features and more...

The Right Tool + The Right Training = Perfect Combination

If you upgrade to Map Plus today, we're throwing in this exclusive bonus..


Funnel Momentum

$997 value

Learn from industry experts the secrets to launching a 7-figure funnel, while saving time and avoiding mistakes

  • Customer Journey frameworks to build the most profitable funnels, no matter the product or service

  • Learn our 3P3C framework to generate higher than average conversion rates

  • 5-Step Optimization to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase customer value
Choose the Plan That’s Right for You
Upgrade to Funnelytics™ Map Plus today at an incredibly affordable

Normally, all of the features presented above, including the template library, are exclusive to our Funnelytics™ Performance users, who pay a minimum of $199 per month. For a limited time you can get access to these high value features for a fraction of the price.


Cancel anytime. no contracts.
$ 39 per month
  • A Database of 100+ Proven Funnels
  • Full Breakdown Reports
  • Funnel Maps of Each Funnel
  • Unlimited Mapping Canvases
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Powerful Planning Features

YEARLY (save 35%)

Lock in your price for a full year.
$ 299 per year
  • A Database of 100+ Proven Funnels​
  • Full Breakdown Reports​
  • Funnel Maps of Each Funnel​
  • Unlimited Mapping Canvases​
  • Unlimited Collaborators​
  • Powerful Planning Features​

Risk free

Money-back guarantee

14 DAY

money-back guarantee

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There’s a reason our customers stay with Funnelytics year after year

This platform will change how you operate. But if you’re not 100% convinced yet, we’d like you to take a test drive.

If you use Funnelytics and don’t see dramatic results in how you operate your business within 14 days… We didn’t deserve your business. You’ll get all your money back, no questions asked.

You may have some questions about Map Plus

Here are the answers to some of the most common ones we receive...

With Map Plus, you’re unlocking a whole new level of potential in your marketing strategy. You get access to unlimited canvases for unrestricted strategizing, the ability to customize with your own icons and images, the power to collaborate with unlimited team members, high-resolution exporting, and the practicality of notes and checklists. Moreover, you will have access to view-only share links and canvas tags for organization. You also get an extensive library of 100+ funnel and strategy templates crafted by top marketers worldwide.

Map Plus is a step beyond. It includes everything in the Funnelytics Vault / Funnel Hacks Library, but additionally offers features like unlimited canvases, collaboration capabilities, high-resolution exporting, notes and checklists, and more. Map Plus is an upgraded plan that lets you make the most of the Funnelytics platform.

The free Map version of Funnelytics allows you to plan and visualize your funnels but comes with usage limitations. Map Plus expands on this by removing these limitations and offering additional features for advanced planning, collaboration, and customization. Performance, on the other hand, is all about tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your funnels in real time, with features designed to provide you with deep insights and data analysis capabilities.
Map Plus is designed to supercharge your marketing strategy. With unlimited canvases, you have the freedom to strategize without restrictions, mapping out as many customer journeys as you need. Custom icons and images allow you to personalize your maps for better clarity and understanding. The collaborative feature enables your entire team to work together on the same canvas, fostering better communication and idea sharing. Plus, our library of 100+ funnel and strategy templates gives you a head start on crafting effective strategies. By providing these tools, Map Plus can help optimize your strategies, save you time, and ultimately, boost your conversions and ROI.

Once you upgrade to Map Plus, the funnel and strategy templates will be available directly within your Funnelytics dashboard. You can access, customize, and implement them in just a few clicks.

While we don’t currently offer a free trial for Map Plus, we do have a free version of our Funnelytics tool which you can use to experience some of our functionalities. However, to truly experience the power of advanced features such as unlimited canvases, custom icons and images, and more, we encourage you to try Map Plus with our 14-day money-back guarantee. Try Map Plus and if you’re not satisfied within the first two weeks, you can request a full refund.

If you can use our free Funnelytics Mapping tool, then you will not need any extra skills to use Map Plus. Click, drag, drop, done. It’s simple and intuitive.

While we understand that every business has different needs at different times, it’s important to note that our core focus at Funnelytics is on the Performance aspect of our platform. The Map Plus plan is a special offering and is only available for a limited time. Although we may decide to make it available again in the future, there are no guarantees. If the unique features and benefits of Map Plus align with your needs, we strongly recommend taking advantage of this offer while it lasts.

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Map Plus is packed full of powerful features designed to supercharge your marketing strategy...

Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your marketing strategy. Upgrade to Map Plus today and unlock the power of effective, efficient, and exciting marketing. But hurry – this offer is only available until June 8, 2023. Act now before it’s too late!

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