First cohort for Funnelytics Performance starts on June 6th.
Schedule a call today for an exclusive, early-access offer!

First cohort for Funnelytics Performance starts on June 6th. Apply today for an exclusive, early-access offer!

See how your customer journey is performing instantly

Map your funnels, then see how they’re performing – in one place.


Funnelytics connects all data sources to your customer journey, so you can see how everything is converting in real time.

See the performance of any given asset

       Get answers to questions like:

  • Should we invest in another video?
  • How do these blog posts convert?
  • Are those Facebook ads even working?

See which path is your most profitable customer journey

   Get answers to questions like:

  • Which touchpoint drives the most profitable customers?
  • Does adding blog content in a given sequence increase or decrease conversions?
  • How does the split test variant impact the full journey?

See exactly what's happening
and hold your team accountable

Data Overlay​

See the numbers in seconds.

Track your traffic sources, actions, purchases, and pull all that data into Funnelytics. View it on the canvas and see your customer paths and conversion rates instantly.


Find out things like:

  • What was the webinar’s conversion rate?
  • What percentage of homepage visitors left the website immediately?
  • Out of the total landing page visitors yesterday, how many moved directly to the register page?

Asset Impact​​

See how each asset impacts revenue.

If you’ve got channel attribution, shouldn’t you have asset attribution? Take any landing page, video, email or form, connect it to any purchase, and see its impact on revenue.


Find out things like:

  • How impactful is this web page in generating revenue?
  • Is this landing page leading to purchases in the long run?
  • Do people who attend this webinar end up converting at a different touchpoint?

Customer Retrace​

Replicate any customer journey, without the guesswork.

Customer journeys are never linear. Map forward and backward from key actions to see what’s driving your most valuable traffic. See the sources that brought them here, the pages they came from, and the exact previous or next actions they took.


Find out things like:

  • Which traffic sources drove people to this page?generating revenue?
  • What steps did they take between viewing an ad and registering?
  • What path did the customer take after visiting the page?

Underoptimized, underperforming funnels cost more

...Funnelytics is a tool that the market was desperately needing. And with the constant development and feature development and enhancement, it does not disappoint!

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VP of Marketing, CompanyName

Uncomplicate your customer acquisition with a platform any one can understand (and use!)

Understand your performance
without a degree in data science


Make your
data visual

You don't have to build dashboards, charts, or clunky spreadsheets. Get all your data in one beautiful, understandable place.


See what's working at a glance

You don't need an analyst to explain stuff. Easily see what's driving growth, where the bottlenecks are, and where people drop off.

Diagnose issues in real time

Stop spending your time fighting fires. Get early signs that a strategy isn't working, so you can pivot quickly.

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Make decisions with confidence

Stop second-guessing. Move forward with deep knowledge of what's working and what needs tweaking.

"Finally somebody took data and made it visual"

Funnelytics felt like it was made for me. I finally felt like I was on the inside. Somebody understood. Finally, somebody figured out that you could take data and make it visual. Funnelytics felt like, 'This is your club.'

Chris Young
CEO, Organify Digital Marketing

Full integration setup for any platform

We integrate with your full tech stack, so you can track performance across the entire customer journey.

No multi-platform logins.
No Google Analytics experts needed.

Visualize performance - and understand revenue impact - by simply
dragging and dropping on a canvas.

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