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Customer journey analytics software helps businesses identify pain points within their sales funnel.

As a digital marketer, these tools will provide you with essential, real-time insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

Are you struggling to incentivize customers and drive sales? These tools may help explain why.

Let’s take a look at six kinds of customer journey analytics software that can help you achieve real results for your business this year.

  1. Funnelytics: best overall for customer journey analytics
  2. Glassbox: best for AI-driven technology
  3. Insider: best for cross-channel data analysis
  4. HubSpot Marketing Hub: best for scaling business growth
  5. CleverTap: best for omnichannel customer engagement
  6. Totango: best for software integration capabilities

Customer Journey Analytics Tool

Standout Feature



Advanced customer journey analytics

$199–$499 per month


Predictive analytics

Pricing on request


Dynamic segmentation

Pricing on request

Hubspot Marketing Hub

Social media integrations and management

$0–$3,600 per month


Multi-channel tracking

From $99 per month


Multiple tech integrations are available

From $2,988 per year

*Pricing as of August 2023

Track & measure the customer journey in real time

Save time with Funnelytics, the #1 visual customer journey analytics platform

1. Funnelytics

Funnelytics customer analytics software
Funnelytics is a visual customer journey analytics tool that helps marketers map their customer journeys. With the use of data, Funnelytics helps you understand how effective your efforts are in real-time.

Using whiteboard technology, it pinpoints what needs optimizing within the customer journey and what needs to remain the same.

If you’ve experienced a lack of software support prior, you’ll love our onboarding process.

We also offer clients optimization workshops and same-day support to ensure effective implementation for all businesses using the software.

Many well-known organizations—including Unicef and Danone—already use our tool to review their customer journey, improve their sales funnels, and increase customer satisfaction.

With the Funnelytics Traffic Explorer feature, you can map backward with the use of data. By analyzing conversions and identifying common paths to conversion, you can optimize your marketing efforts.

Funnelytics also helps you identify trends and bottlenecks within the customer journey. Are customers getting bored halfway through your welcome video? With our traffic light indicators, you get this data at a glance.

Top features:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Real-time, advanced analytics reporting
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Behavior tracking
  • Zapier integration




  • Great for visual learners and creatives looking to brainstorm customer experience
  • Excellent drag-and-drop builder
  • Useful for mapping out funnels for the flow of user experience
  • The Plus version is expensive for some
  • Some competitors offer more features
  • Limited integration opportunities
“I love to see the whole funnel on one board! All the website, social media, phone calls, apps, emails, even personal meetings, and all your stuff in the company that gets you closer to the lead or buyer. This is how you can understand IT processes with a non-IT brain! Really, you must try this stuff.” Szabolcs O


  • Performance Lite: $199 per month (cancel anytime)
  • Performance Plus: $499 per month (cancel anytime)

Funnelytics has platform
add-ons, from free extensions to paid add-ons priced at $100 per month. There’s
also a
free 14-day trial
that provides full access to the platform’s

Power your marketing & sales with strong visuals

Funnelytics customer journey analytics presents complex data in a way your clients understand

2. Glassbox

Glassbox is a digital experience analytics platform that is accessible across mobile apps and websites. As a customer journey analytics solution, it prioritizes customer experience and enhances your digital marketing efforts all under one roof.

As a marketer, you’re able to understand customer behavior, and their struggles and visualize the customer journey at every stage in the funnel. Glassbox uses artificial intelligence to assist in your efforts to improve customer satisfaction. From identifying and flagging user struggles, unusual patterns, and more.

Glassbox has its Augmented Journey Map™ which quickly segments your processes to show what’s happening across your channels and why. Additionally, the filter option is robust with over 25 standard dimensions to choose from—or easily create your own.

Top features

  • Predictive analytics
  • Built-in revenue performance metrics
  • One-click integrations
  • Customer activity tracking


  • Helps identify flaws that contribute negatively to consumer behavior
  • Simple and intuitive customer journey mapping software
  • Great session replays help marketers see exactly the pain points customers experience
  • Doesn’t provide enough historical data which would be beneficial to have
  • Some users have flagged privacy concerns about what information is stored and how secure it is
  • Search functionality isn’t the most efficient


Glassbox provides pricing on request. You may also request a free trial, however, this isn’t a self-serve option on the site.

3. Insider

Insider customer analytics tool
Many modern businesses require software that helps deliver experiences across multiple channels. Being able to predict future customer behavior through the use of AI, for example, is just one opportunity Insider delivers to its clients.

Improving business outcomes with higher rates of conversion is made possible with this platform’s A/B testing. With its A/B testing features, your entire marketing team can experiment with more confidence.

With pre-built templates and the creation of dynamic content through landing pages, emails, and forms, creating marketing materials has never been easier.

Trusted by over 1,000 global businesses including Virgin, Samsung, and CNN, it’s considered one of the best customer journey analytics tools for analysts.

Top features

  • AI-driven behavioral tracking
  • A/B testing
  •  Journey optimization
  • Dynamic segmentation for content purposes
  • Pre-built templates for customer personalization


  • AI-powered tools for product discovery and customer behaviors
  • Easy-to-use email editor is to creating email campaigns
  • Ready-to-use web-push templates are a gamechanger
  • A bit of hand-holding needed to navigate the platform for the first time
  • Few hiccups with WebSuite’s integration and configuration
  • Initial problems with onboarding products


Insider provides pricing on request.

4. Hubspot Marketing Hub

Hubspot Marketing Hub customer analytics software
Aiding businesses of all shapes and sizes, HubSpot Marketing Hub, is a helping hand for the modern marketer. Providing an assortment of marketing tools and data all in one place, the platform is helpful for companies aiming to scale their business without difficulty.

Connecting your data to understand your customer journeys, it also integrates with many tools to unite your team and strengthen your marketing operations.

With social media integration, a company’s marketing team can effectively manage all its social media campaigns under one roof. Not only that but insights into paid advertising is useful to know what is effective and what needs revising.

Top features

  • Effective list segmentation
  • Free automated CRM
  • Powerful automated workflows
  • Social media integration and management
  • Paid ad tracking


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Broad scope of marketing features to choose from
  • Great support team available on hand when needed
  • Set up can be a little constrictive when you have a complex tech stack
  • Limited design flexibility for landing pages and pop-ups
  • Could benefit from being able to add more social media platforms


  • Solo individuals and small teams: $0–$30 per month
  • Professional: $800 per month
  • Enterprise: $3,600 per month
Hubspot does offer discount pricing for eligible startups and nonprofits through its Hubspot for Startups and Hubspot for Nonprofits programs. While the free subscription might be limited, it’s a useful introduction to the platform.

5. CleverTap

Clevertap customer analytics platform
While omnichannel data integration is important, there are many digital marketers who are working on app-first brands. CleverTap is one of those customer journey analytics platforms that help optimize all those consumer touch points you require as a marketer.

From improving customer retention, improving user engagement, and offering lifetime value to your consumers, it’s a tool worth having in your tech stack.

CleverTap’s real-time analytics are useful for spotting user trends and tracking user behavior to create a more accurate customer journey map. Accompanied by the platform’s guided frameworks, it helps move users effortlessly through lifecycle stages.

Top features

  • Campaign insights in real-time
  • Multi-channel tracking
  • Guided frameworks to move users across lifecycle stages
  • Automated user segmentation


  • Useful funnels for identifying customer drop-off point
  • Strong personalization capabilities
  • Facilitates extensive communication and engagement flexibility
  • Improvement needed for platform bugs that crop up
  • May benefit from more integrations with platforms like Slack or Teams
  • A few user interface issues


  • Essential: $99 per month
  • Advanced: On request
  • Cutting Edge: On request
You can customize your chosen plan with numerous add-ons. They do offer demos and prospective customers can start a trial of their essential plan.

6. Totango

Many fast-growing businesses need a fast-adapting platform when it comes to customer journey and customer journey mapping. Totango is one of those platforms that meets you where you are today and where you aim to be in the future.

With real-time visualization, it helps performance marketers gather actionable insights through the data generated. This helps any performance marketer engage proactively and intelligently with their customers to improve pain points and positively influence revenue.

Streamlining your marketing tasks has never been easier when the platform allows you to link up with MS Office, Slack, and Zendesk to name but a few.

A major selling point for Totango is its richness in customer communication. From the ability to craft surveys, email campaigns, and real-time support tickets, there’s so much available to level up your customer experience.

Top features

  • Multiple tech integrations available
  • 360 customer views and customer health scores
  • Automated lifecycle management
  • User, role, and access Management



  • Flexible and scalable platform for personalized use.
  • Great knowledge base for self-serving clients
  • Intergration opportunities that are regularly improved upon and updated.
  • Not enough data points to report on.
  • Seems overwhelming to manage without guidance first.
  • Some modules aren’t initiative or user-friendly enough.


  • Starter: $2,988 per year
  • Enterprise: $18,000 per year
  • Premier: Custom
Totango has a number of add-ons available with its packages. It also offers a free trial and the opportunity to schedule a demo for prospective customers.

How to choose the right customer journey analytics software

There are many customer journey analytics tools available.

We’ve covered the best six, but it’s best for you to be armed with the information you need to make the right decision when choosing a platform.

For the right customer journey analytics platform, there are some non-negotiable features that any software should include. These are:

  • Simple design functionality
  • Spots bugs and potential bottlenecks
  • Real-time data and collaborations
  • Integration with other software tools
  • Creation of customer personas
  • Unlimited journey opportunities
  • Omni-channel integration
As with any software your marketing budget invests in, it’s important to make comparisons before spending your money

Map & analyze your customer journey with Funnelytics

This drag-and-drop funnel builder offers easy analysis of complex customer journeys

Leverage customer data with Funnelytics

If you’re looking to leverage customer data for your marketing strategies in 2023, then a journey analytics platform like Funnelytics is considered the best overall.

Funnelytics offers everything you need from simple design functionality to real-time data and integration with other software tools. It’s not only affordable but it offers value through its detailed onboarding for clients.

Take your customer experience to the next level by trying a free trial of Funnelytics today.


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