The final Funnelytics Performance cohort of 2022 starts October 11th.
Click the link to learn more!

The final Funnelytics Performance cohort of 2022 starts October 11th.
Click the link to learn more!



More customers from existing traffic.

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Funnelytics Performance

Starting at $500 per month

Annual contract + performance implementation fee

Get full clarity and visibility on journey performance.​

Connect Your Website
Visual Reporting
Performance Monitoring
People Centric Analytics
Dedicated Onboarding
Full team training
Premium support
All integrations

The Funnelytics Performance Guarantee

What if you could increase your customer conversions by 15% (or more) — with zero risk?


Days money-back guarantee

There’s a reason our customers stay with Funnelytics year after year.

We’re so confident in our platform, we’d like you to take a test drive. 

If you attend all Journey Performance Implementation sessions – or watch all replays – and don’t see dramatic results in how you operate your business within 8 weeks, we didn’t deserve your business — and you’ll get all your money back, no questions asked.

"I canceled $500 worth of software and 2 analytics people who I paid $3K per month.”

Anthony Collova
Founder of

All Funnelytics Performance plans come with our guided Performance Analysis & Onboarding Program

Get step-by-step guidance throughout the 8-week onboarding process. We’ll train you and your team to visualise your website’s performance, analyze results and present what to optimize with confidence.

Step 01
Guided setup

We support your team in setting up tracking, and train you on how to maximize getting value from our platform.

Step 02
Funnel walkthrough

We guide you in visualising the performance of your first funnel, so you know exactly what to do next.

Step 03
Optimization workshops

Learn how to analyze and extract insights from your data — even if you're not a data expert.

Step 04
Ongoing support

Ask us anything during dedicated Q&A sessions. Or just shoot us an email — we're here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get base integrations live within 24 hours, and full integration completed within the first 2 weeks. We then spend 4-6 weeks mapping your first funnel together and training your team so you get the most out of Funnelytics.
Traditional web analytics tools (like Google Analytics) give you snapshots — only website data. They can tell you how long someone stayed on a page, or the average click-through rate, but they can’t tell you how people journeyed through your website, or what they did before and after they visited a given page. This means you don’t have actionable info for optimization: you don’t know which touchpoints to eliminate — and which to double down on. You have no way of replicating your most profitable customer paths. What’s more, the average marketer or exec needs to create dashboards and spreadsheets in order to make sense of all that data. You need to stitch numbers and tools together to see how the funnels are performing — and even then, often you’ll have to hire a data analyst to draw insights you can act on. It’s clunky, confusing, and expensive. To make fast, strategic decisions, you need to see the full funnel performance in context — so you can easily identify your next steps to drive growth. That’s what Funnelytics allows you to do.

GA4 is adopting similar people centric tracking technology that Funnelytics has been doing for years. We collect similar data, but you won’t get to visualize performance unless you use Funnelytics. Getting user journey reports and insights from GA4 still requires you to analyze charts and dashboards. With Funnelytics, you can manipulate data and understand performance by simply dragging and dropping icons on a canvas in a way that everyone understands.

Channel attribution gives you insights into how to distribute your ad spend across platforms. But what happens in between? What happened to someone who clicked on the ad but ultimately didn’t buy? Where did they drop off, and what can you optimize to convert more of those customers?

Funnelytics gives you that critical in-between data so you can generate more revenue from your existing traffic — without spending more on ads.

You totally can — but you don’t have to. Hiring a data analyst is expensive, and it can still take days or even weeks to get actionable insights.

We found that non-analytical people can derive all the insights they need to deliver on in minutes. And have the testimonials and use cases to prove it.

Absolutely! Because what’s the value of data if it doesn’t move you forward?

We’ll set up your first funnel with you, and show you exactly how to obtain actionable insights. After that, as part of our add-on Insights Services, we can guide your team on exactly what to implement. We continually analyze your funnel performance and provide a list of prioritized action items and opportunities.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a team to execute, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners who offer the full package: they use Funnelytics to attain insights and priority items, then handle full implementation (page-building, tests, etc).

You’re paying for robust performance implementation program. Because Funnelytics is not just another platform — it’s your command center for decision-making. So we set you up for maximum success:

1. We help you connect your website to Funnelytics.

2. We map out your first funnel with you. You get an optimization specialist who shows you how to map a high-performing funnel — then how to draw insights from your data.

3. We train your team over 8 weeks so they’re proficient and confident using Funnelytics.

After training, you and your team are perfectly positioned to maximize our platform — and make confident decisions that move your business forward.

We don’t. The reason we don’t offer a free trial for Funnelytics Performance is because we work with you over the span of 8 weeks to integrate the platform in your business and train your team on the frameworks to help identify bottlenecks and make the right data-driven decisions.

The data is pulled directly from your sites and pages through our tracking script, yielding insights you can trust. Additionally, we value privacy and security — and we’re fully GDPR-compliant to prove it.

Funnelytics Performance costs money.

Under-optimized, under-performing funnels cost more

With Funnelytics, you’ll be able to:

Plug any leaks in your Marketing Funnel

Stop hemorrhaging revenue through low-converting pages and failed upsells. See exactly what isn't working at a glance.

Know exactly what to optimize

Get clarity on how to make your funnels perform better. Convert more customers without spending more on ads. Be perfectly positioned to scale.

Make decisions with confidence

Visualising performance helps you actually make sense of your data. No need to hire a data analyst to figure it out for you.

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